The development of the optical glass cleaning agent industry and the 'two sessions' policy


   The 'Two Sessions' in 2016 have ended. Since the opening of the 'Two SessionsDuring the 'two sessionsAt present, the homogeneity of the optical glass cleaning agent industry is serious, and there are relatively many low-end cleaning agent brands. Although the quantity is large, the quality is generally not high. In other words, the brand image of the optical cleaning agent created in China is difficult to highlight the quality. Brands often appear weak to fight back when they enter. Therefore, most optical glass cleaning agent manufacturers need to find a way out through transformation, increase their awareness of innovation and increase investment in the research and development of optical glass cleaning agent formulations, strengthen the quality of optical glass cleaning agents, and meet market demand. 'Internet+': Learn new things and try new cooperation. 2016 is the first year of the '13th Five-Year Plan'. How to start the upgrade of Chinese manufacturing has an important guiding role for various industries, which of course includes optical glass cleaning Agent industry. But as the Ministry of Commerce said, no matter how the manufacturers transform, the key is to find a clear model that truly improves the ability of service purchasers and meets procurement needs. Today, when 'Internet +' has become a hot topic, optical glass cleaner manufacturers in the traditional industry cannot be separated from it. The best way is to accept and learn new things. Among them, Xili Optical Glass Cleaner has successfully cooperated with the Internet. More than a hundred. And according to their strengths, try to cooperate with the Internet field. This is not something that a few cleaning agent manufacturers can accomplish. Industry associations and government departments should formulate five-year plans and ten-year plans, step by step, and let optical glass clean The pharmaceutical industry realizes the 'Internet +' from the inside out.  'One Belt, One Road': turning gorgeously to adapt to international needs   advancing the construction of 'One Belt and One Roadmy country's comprehensive and deepening reform will not only provide a strong impetus to my country's modernization drive, but also bring new development opportunities to the world. During the '13th Five-Year Plan' period, my country proposed to adhere to independent and reciprocal opening up, strengthen strategic plans for going global, coordinate multilateral, bilateral and regional open cooperation, accelerate the implementation of the free trade zone strategy, advance the construction of the 'Belt and Road  Optical glass cleaning agent manufacturers want to take a share in the trend of the times, they must first realize the gorgeous turn of 'transformation and upgrading'. The upgrade mainly depends on the technological innovation of optical glass cleaning agent formula, adapting to international demand, and the cleaning agent market demand. The 'Belt and Road' has given a direction, according to this direction to carry out transformation, intensive cultivation, the probability of success will be greatly increased. Under this strong impetus, the 'One Belt One Road' initiative will bring business opportunities and development directions to my country's optical glass cleaning agent industry, and accelerate the reshuffle of the cleaning agent industry and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturers.   In the hot spots of the two sessions this year, these policies will bring new influence to the optical glass cleaning agent industry. Some are to transform and upgrade in essence, cultivate the competitiveness of manufacturers internally, and some are to expand the market externally and obtain new development space. The optical glass cleaner manufacturers can only find their direction in the policy information conveyed by the two sessions and practice internally and externally to seize the development opportunities in the next few years.

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