The Citrine gemstone belonging to the quartz family


Geological Significance: Mined at 'Rio Grande do Sul' in Brazil mostly, the Citrine gemstone became prominent around the 19th century. Once commercialization took place, it eventually led to the increase in the production of this gemstone. Therefore the necessity to excavate the gemstone from quartz crystals present deep within igneous and metamorphic rocks. Due to its unique property to be resistive towards weathering, the Citrine stone was also found in regions where alluvial deposits are plenty.

In the United States, the stone deposits can be found at Colorado, North Carolina and California. Apart from these two important sites, other sites are south Africa, Madagascar, Britain, France and the Soviet Union.

Scientific Properties:

1. Citrine maintains tenacity of 7 on Mohs scale, has a trigonal structure and has been named accordingly due to its bright golden hue.

2. This gemstone has been extracted from silicon composed volcanic depositions; the stone maintains a lesser amount of oxidation state of iron as compared to the denomination found for the case of Amethyst.

3. Because Citrine is a rare gemstone, this colorless quartz has a refractive index of around 1.5. In fact it doesn't have cleavage and maintains birefringence of around .009.

4. Though found in uneven shapes or clusters, Citrine color can change on heating, which renders it white and in case radioactive rays have been exposed unto the stone, it turns dark brown.

5. Because its hardness is durable, thereby making it single scratch proof gemstone valuable for its rare occurrence.

Healing Properties of Citrine Gemstone Beads:

It is considered a healing stone which characterizes the month of November, and is associated with zodiacs like Gemini, Libra, Gemini and Leo also. Hence some of the major healing benefits of the stone are:

1. Positive Attitude: Just like a positive attitude can change people's lives, hence the stone acts on the psychological well being of a person. Hence in case you have tremendous amount of optimism and joy then the Citrine gemstone bead is definitely your kind.

2. Materialism: It prevents individuals from becoming greedy in life, hence pushes away sensations and desires towards materialistic things in life.

3. Personal and Professional: Not only does the stone improve one's mental capabilities but also strengthens our outlook towards new people or new work. Hence, relieving the body from stress and emotional trifles.

4. Physical Health: It has been found out that the Citrine gemstone beads are extremely useful at treating afflictions which might affect the endocrine system. It purifies blood circulation, reduces constipation, aids digestion etc.

5. Menstrual Cycles: This is specifically for women, for whom their menses are regulated, and cramps are treated. Muscle/joint pain is another ailment that this gemstone is known to cure.

6. Phobia: Individuals who suffer from phobia, depression, fear, anxiety or paranoia attacks can efficiently have their nerves soothed down using Citrine gemstone beads.

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