The cinema experience of the next era IMAX's new immersive laser system is officially released in the Chinese market


Recently, IMAX's next-generation laser system announced its official release in the Chinese market. The new-generation laser system creates a more immersive movie-watching experience, allowing audiences to experience and integrate into the movie from images, sounds to emotions. Just like the original intention of the filmmakers. According to the reporter's knowledge, this release coincides with a brand upgrade of IMAX worldwide, from which it will be able to achieve the simultaneous advancement of technology and brand in the market, which is of special significance to the Chinese market.

Mr. Brian Bonnick, the global chief technology officer of IMAX, introduced the IMAX? New generation of laser system innovations and technical features-a new generation of lasers. The system IMAX ladar is IMAX’s huge investment of more than 100 million US dollars. It has been a research and development project that lasted for many years. It has been tailored for IMAX screens from the beginning of the design. It has higher resolution, clearer and brighter pictures, and stronger contrast. And more vivid and brilliant colors. The new-generation IMAX laser system has redesigned the projection principle and core components, such as upgrading from a triangular prism structure to the use of inexpandable steel.

The biggest difference between the IMAX laser projection system, which has 26% more field of view than ordinary screens, and the digital projection technology we see in most theaters, is that the former uses laser as the light source. , And the latter uses a xenon lamp light source, in addition to better sound and picture effects, the laser light source is also much more durable than xenon lamps. However, it needs to be subject to high cost and high requirements for the theater environment. It requires a screen with a width of not less than 25 meters, and a screen with a width of 38 meters at the highest. This also means that the height of the screen will reach 18-20 meters, which is the height of 6-7 floors. However, this time the new system has changed. The hardware requirements of the theater are no longer so strict. It can be applied to general medium-sized IMAX theaters. At the same time, the sound and picture effects are also improved compared to the previous generation, which means that it may soon be possible. Carry out a large-scale promotion of the so-called IMAX laser projection technology.

Including the cinema system with a set of cameras and earpiece devices all over the seats to adjust the best audio-visual experience at every angle in real time. These are the previous IMAX overall A further breakthrough based on the exclusive supporting facilities of the theater. This automatic calibration system will monitor the brightness and sound effects of the laser system in real time. If it finds that it does not meet the standards, it will automatically upload it to the service system and make corresponding adjustments.

In terms of personal experience, after 120 minutes of watching Mission Impossible 6 movie, I was not critical of the picture quality and sound effects, as if it was the first time the author entered a 4d theater. What you feel, but the new sensory dimension it stimulates is something that is above the sense of sight and hearing, but it stimulates the empirical cognition of the traditional common sense of viewing movies, and it even makes the author think that this is the right thing to watch a movie. Posture, which used to be just a perfunctory to film art.

For the first new-generation IMAX? laser projection system settled in Wanda Cinema’s Shanghai Huanying Cinemas Darongcheng Store, Vice President and General Manager of Development Department of Wanda Cinemas Co., Ltd. Zeng Guang said: 'This time, the Chinese premiere of IMAX? The next-generation laser system landed in Shanghai Huanying Studios. It has also become another milestone in the history of cooperation between IMAX? and Wanda Cinema for more than ten years.' IMAX is headquartered in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, with offices in London, Dublin, Tokyo, and Shanghai. IMAX China has been independently listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2015. As of June 30, 2018, IMAX® has 1,410 IMAX® theaters in 79 countries and regions around the world (1314 theaters in commercial complex projects, 12 tourist attractions commercial theaters) And 84 science and education venues and theaters).

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