The brand new sports performance enhancing contact

by:Crylight     2020-09-10

lens has finally become available to amateur

athletes. But where exactly does one go to buy the

nike maxsight? Because they are contact lenses,

you will not find them at the local sporting goods

store or favorite team shop.

All contact lenses are considered medical devices

and need to be fit by a licensed professional. So

if you are interested in trying out the Nike

Maxsight lenses, simply contact your local eye

care provider.

As of today, the lenses come in spherical powers

ranging from +4.00 to -9.00 including plano. Plano

is simply a lens with no vision correction. They

come in one base curve, 8.7, and a diameter of

14.3. Your eye care professional will be able to

decide if the lens is healthy for your eyes.

Nike and Bausch and Lomb have teamed up to create

two varieties of the Maxsight, an amber tint and a

green/grey tint.

The amber tint is designed for sports with a

moving ball, such as baseball, softball, and

soccer. The entire lens is amber in color and does

show on the eye when worn. Most people find the

color gives them a competitive look. Plus, if your

team colors are orange or red, your eyes will

match your uniform. Baseball players have reported

increased ability in tracking the spin on a pitch

and tracking any moving ball. Soccer players claim

the ball essentially pops out from the grass


The green/grey tint is designed for individual

sports such as running and golf. The main purpose

is to reduce glare and increase contrast. This

means less squinting and more focus. These lenses

also show on the eye and basically give the

appearance of large, dark, corneas. Runners can

enjoy the eyes ability to relax, as opposed to

squinting, which reduces fatigue and strain.

Golfers find the ball easier to track when

swinging the club and easier to follow once hit.

The end result is fantastic vision, UV protection,

and an enhanced sporting experience, not to

mention one mean looking set of eyes.

About The Author:

Steve Cogger, referred to by some of his patients as a contact lens genius, practices in NYC and is a fellow of the Contact Lens Society of America. He is also webmaster of an informative site for consumers.

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