The blue sea is the most welcome holiday choice


1. The selection of time.

In fact, sunrise, noon, sunset and evening the four great stages of the sea, every time has a different feeling. You can choose the one you favor or all of them.

At morning, the light is soft but the light intensity and color temperature changes quickly. The entire screen will soon become warm yellow from cold blue. You need to wake up early to take great shoots.

During the day, the light is very strong, if you want to photograph in blue, then you need a device = CPL (circular polarizer). The main function of this small lenses including two aepects: 1, reduce the surface of the reflection of the water, glass, metal, etc. 2, improve color saturation. The day will be more blue, the cloud more will be structured with CPL.

As the light is very strong at this time, you need to pay attention to not be Hyperthermia.

Sunset is a long process compared to sunrise, the light changes slowly in this process. You can shoot a variety of exciting photo. The only problem is the sea become the deep blue.

Finally to wait for the brilliant colors of the sun goes down, this is a long process, light slow this process, you can shoot a variety of exciting photo alone fly in the ointment is the sea become the deep blue.

Remember to try to set the white balance to direct sunlight, cloudy, even cloudy day mode.

2. Choose the appropriate angle.

Shooting the sea on the beach is the most important position of view, you can also shoot while standing in the water, or shooting on offshore vessels. Different shooting angles can produce a completely different picture.

Move lens angle upward or down slightly and choose the one you favor before pressing the shutter, maybe even more wonderful!

Whatever any scene you want to shoot, do remember trying different angles, you will get a surprise. At the same time, if you are using a wide-angle, remember to be as close as possible to sea. If you are using the telephoto, low-angle, large compression depth of field, it will show the depth of the sea, and also highlight the subject.

3. Try the beach scenery.

Shooting something that only the beach, it will be a good choice.

4. Spray.

How can seaside photography without spray. Even if the subject is not jumping into the sea, you can take a great shoot of spray. Try to run on the beach and use the spray as background. The only thing you need to do is just find a right position.

Practice is important than techniques, go to seaside and try your own shoots.

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