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This kind of photography is commonly termed as macro photography and many photograph enthusiast love this kind of photography. You will just enjoy this kind of photography as here the scale of images has a ratio of 1:1. Here the object that you will focus will be of the same size as it will be on the ground. If you have noticed a regular photo the subject is scaled down in size but in the macro mode the subject looks its natural size.

The macro mode is a cool way of photographing the natural elements and things of life but this genre is quite difficult to capture to perfection. A special lens is required for this kind of photography as the regular lens wont allow the camera to focus closer than 2-3 inches. Extreme close ups will require you to get extremely close to the subject which wont be possible so special lens are required.

Try taking pictures in the morning as the lighting would be just perfect and the dew would be fresh with refreshing colors. Take a walk in the morning and you will be mesmerized by the beauty.that will soothe your senses. Try to be more observant and cautious about your surroundings like the patterns that is figured on a tree trunk or an ant that caries twice its weight are excellent shots.

Lighting is a very important facet of shooting pictures as you will be shooting at close distances so you would require flash. If you plan to use a flash then make sure to use a polarizer too otherwise your pictures will turn out bluish. Try changing the position of the object as you can place it on a white background to give a good dramatic effect.

After shooting the images you will feel that you might have never noticed the creatures in such close proximity and imagined them in such a manner. Try painting the pictures in all in one printers and use only the best digital cameras like the EOS cameras and the pictures that will come out would be breathtakingly beautiful.

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