The advantages of prescription glasses are now well known


The most common of the problems faced is that the contact lenses get dried up, which increases the irritation of the eyes. To avoid the contact lenses getting dried up, you need to always put them, when not in use, soaked in a contact solution which is generally provided from the manufacturers. This effectively prevents the growth of unwanted micro organisms on the lenses and helps in the effortless movement of the lenses in accordance to your eye movements. One must also ensure the quality of the solution as anything ordinary will not help to disinfect the lenses. And contact lenses which are not disinfected will evidently lead to the before mentioned irritation of the eye and in the worst case result in an eye infection. In case of prescription glasses, obviously the problem of getting dried up doesn't come up.

It goes without saying that the contact lenses should always be kept in a clean place when not in use. Though the same thing applies for the prescription glasses, the contact lenses are more at risk from unhygienic places. This is because of the quality of the lenses which allows the growth of the harmful and infectious micro organisms much more easily. There are some light-weight glasses, wearing which, you can go off to sleep without leading to any danger. But one should never wear sleep while wearing contact lenses, which can cause irrecoverable damage to the sensitive interiors of your eyelids.

In the end, contact lenses come with an expiry date. It is always advised to never wear a pair of contact lenses after the expiry date, because the material of the contact lenses loses its quality, leading more dryness of the lenses and increased chances of infection.

In the light of the above disadvantages, no wonder that prescription glasses are the preferred choice of vision correction for most of the users. With the increasing number of online stores selling prescription glasses at affordable prices, owning a pair of prescription glasses have become easier than ever.

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