The 2019 National Optical Standardization Work Conference and the Fourth Plenary Session of the Third National Optical Sub-standard Committee were successfully held


According to the plan and arrangement of the national spectacle optical standardization work, the National Spectacle Optical Standardization Sub-Technical Committee (SAC/TC103/SC3, hereinafter referred to as the National Spectacle Optical Sub-Committee) will be held in Jiangxi Province from December 2nd to 5th, 2019. Yingtan City held the 2019 National Spectacle Optics Standardization Work Conference and the Fourth Plenary Session of the Third National Spectacle Optics Sub-committee. The leaders and guests attending this meeting include: Dai Weiping, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Optical Association (Chairman of Optical Sub-Bidder Committee), Mr. Wu Quanshui, Vice Chairman of Yingtan CPPCC and Chairman of City Federation of Industry and Commerce, Yujiang District Government of Yingtan City Member of the Party Leadership Group and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the District Industrial Park Mr. Li Haidong, Professor Jiang Weizhong of Donghua University (Vice Chairman of the Spectacle Sub-Standard Committee), Liu Wenli, Director of the Chinese Academy of Metrology, Sun Huanbao, National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Glasses and Enamel Products There are 72 executive deputy directors, committee members and expert representatives from all over the country. The meeting was presided over by Secretary-General Zhang Nini. First, Wu Quanshui, vice chairman of the Yingtan CPPCC, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the local government. Chairman Dai Weiping made an important speech, and Vice Chairman Jiang Weizhong presided over the review of three national standards. Vice Chairman Wu Quanshui delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the local government, and expressed his warm welcome and congratulations to the members and guests who came to participate in the 2019 National Optical Standardization Working Conference. The Yingtan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have always regarded the optical industry as a sunrise industry and an industry that enriches the people. Give priority to the development position, make every effort to build a national key glasses production base and regional trade distribution center, and wish this annual meeting a complete success. Chairman Dai Weiping made an important speech at the annual meeting. First of all, on behalf of the National Optical Optical Sub-standard Committee, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the representatives who came to the annual meeting and representatives of their affiliated units for their support to the standardization of glasses! He also briefed the participants on the economic operation of my country's optical industry and the work of the China Optical Association for a year. In 2019, the economic operation of China's optical industry maintained a relatively stable development trend. The China Optical Association fully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, and carefully organized and carried out the theme education of 'Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission' Such as party building change activities, solidly implement the objectives and tasks of the 5th Council of the 8th China Optical Association, in-depth investigation and research, reflecting industry demands; further accelerating the training of professionals in the field of optics and standard construction; successfully holding and organizing groups to participate in various optical exhibitions; Organize various public welfare activities; change the name of the branch of the association, start the group standard work; do a good job in the party building work of the association and the secretariat construction work and achieve positive results. According to the meeting arrangement, Secretary-General Zhang Nini gave the '2019 National Optical and Optical Sub-standard Committee Work Report' to the representatives of the plenary meeting. The report is divided into 'standard formulation and revision work, other standardization work, standard committee self-construction, participation in international standardization There are six parts in the work, income and use of funds, and the main points of next year's work. According to the meeting schedule, this meeting will provide support to three countries: GB/T XXXX 'Spectacle Frame ThreadThe standards were reviewed, and the participants agreed and passed the review of these three national standards. At the same time, GB/T XXXX 'Spectacle Frame TemplateThe three recommended national standards of 'Technical Information' and QB/T XXXX 'Special Glasses for Motor Vehicle Drivers' were discussed. Finally, Chairman Dai Weiping summarized the meeting, and on behalf of the Sub-Bidging Committee, thanked all the participants for their active participation and selfless dedication to the national standardization work of glasses, and thanked the companies that actively supported the standardization work.

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