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Prescription circle lenses are put into the eye so the pupil can look larger, creating a brighter and glossier look for the eyes. This trend started in Japan but it is now starting to boost its popularity in the US. In fact, many musicians and celebrities of today are now using this type of contact lenses and as more famous artists wear them, for sure, the use of these lenses will also be more popular for ordinary people.

One distinct quality of prescription circle lenses is that they are darker in areas that regular contact lenses are not. Around the iris, you can see a dark ring, making the iris look bigger. Your eyes will look like those that dolls and cartoon characters have because of the glossy appearance it creates.

You should know that the use of circle lenses is not for everyone. You cannot just easily buy this kind of products in an online store or optical shops. Even if you think you will really look amazing once you have circle lenses into your eyes, you need to seek for a medical advice, specifically an eye consultation first and get a prescription for a circle lens.

Yes, you can only get it legally in the US if you can provide a prescription before buying it. Make sure to take the necessary eye check up first before you even get a pair of circle lenses to avoid any chance of experiencing inconvenience while using it. Definitely, even if it seems like a typical piece of fashion accessory that any person can opt for circle lenses are best worn with proper medical prescription.

Parents should be aware of the things that will make their children happy and go with the tide in terms of teenage fashion but as they put enough attention on knowing the ins and outs of the current trends, as a responsible parent it will also be ideal to dig deeper into the important facts and guide your children in getting what's best for them.

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