Teclast P75a using ultra-thin design, the thinnest


Teclast P75a (http://www.umibuy.com/teclast-p75a-7-inch-capacitive-screen-tablet-pc-a10-1-2ghz-cpu-512m-8gb-040689.html) using ultra-thin design, the most thin thin place to 3.9 mm! And the whole body also is only 9.9 mm thickness, and similar 7 'of the plate thickness in common result 12 to 13 mm above, by contrast, Teclast P75 at least to thin above 20%. Whether portability or long time handheld use, Teclast P75a all has very outstanding advantage!

P75a recruits top international industrial designer to participate in product design, the appearance is concise and easy. Most of the fuselage make it appear ultra-thin more sharp have a type, full of lively fashion sense, do not fall convention. And P75a airframe adopt special lightweight alloy precision make, make sure the fine thin body also has an amazing structure strength and soundness. Even in poor conditions to use, all metal airframe also can in good condition protection machine elements from being damaged. Comfortable handle, meticulous exquisite work. Let you in any situation, any time, can be joyful use it any time you can enjoy the convenience of tablet computer and pleasure

P75a configuration 7 inch 800 x 480 TFT screens, and adopted a new generation of flat more capacitive touch screen(http://www.umibuy.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?limit=68&q=capacitive), super pervious to light quality, touch sensitive reaction, accurate location. Touch panel is the same with iPAD2 structure theory of double deck glass panel technology, using advanced laser etching process and flat surface design, some touching, sliding, sensitive and accurate, and put an end to any operation 'blind Angle'. Panel material of high strength of toughened glass, high hardness, without paster also need not worry about was left to scratch.

P75a carrying strong A10 processor, A10 Many Core processor with unique new all the nuclear technology (CPU, GPU, DPU, VEPU, SPU, APU, UPU, AEPU, and other Core unit integration as one), let flat multitasking more stable, the software application faster, play games more smoothly. In addition, the A10 processor or similar products on the market at present in the highest frequency operation one, the other is now flat master 30% faster! According to the 1.5 GHz processor A10 of ultra-high frequency design, in the present daily application, in order to guarantee the power saving Teclast P75a performance and stability, and the frequency of the A10 processor will be set up in 1.0 GHz.

P75a built-in game performance excellent alone show Mali400, Mali400 is the best one of the industry's GPU, a 30 M/s polygon generation and 275 M/s pixel filling rate. Powerful computing power and perfect compatibility allow you to easily play all kinds of two games

P75a built-in super capacity 3000 mAh battery and unique intelligent power housekeeper technology! Through the DVFS dynamic FM regulator and Smart PMU intelligent power management, to have a single charge for more than 20 days of standby time, the game time up to 5 hours or so more, comprehensively promote tablet user experience.

Teclast P75a has built-in camera, can pass the QQ, SKYPE, video chat software for chat easily start, combined with the network function, can let you anywhere at any time with your family and friends in close contact 2160 P video resolution up to 3840 x 2160, screen size is the full HD 1920 x 1080 P four times! Even PC platform, most of the configuration is also unable to support. And Teclast P75a but did it! Become the world's first 2160 P ultra clear support the tablet computer. And down 1080 P, compatible 720 P, 480 P and so on the different resolution. Support TS, h. 264, WMV, MPEG4...... The HD video of all kinds of format, is you watch HD big good choice

P75a tablet computer (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-computers/wholesale-netbook.html) support Adobe Flash 11.0 plug-ins and web animation technology Meta, whether dynamic web pages, fashionable games, online video, P75a electricity are can easily support.

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