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If you think of 7 inch Tablet PC is too small, and 9.7 inch Tablet PC not easy to carry it, then Teclast latest 9 inch Tablet PCA15 is probably your first choice! Teclast A15, the world's first nine inch hd screen Android4.0 Tablet PC, the size of the machine just good! And it's screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels higher, than iPad2 also clearly more than 30%! New Teclast A15 not only have iPad2 beyond the high display resolution, also has iPad2 as the screen visible area, at the same time volume and portability iPad2 more wins one! Also in the 7 'Tablet PC with 9.7 inch vacillating between? New 9 inch high screen clearing Teclast A15 of you will be more perfect choice.

This is not only over the market 15 inches below the most notebook computer, and iPad2 than the 1024 x 768 resolution also 30% higher! TeclastA15 can perfect peer-to-peer playback 720 P HD video standard, can be more perfect browsing the web page design widescreen, digital camera high definition photos, books and magazines, bring you beyond the notebook and iPad2 perfect hd horizon, is you get to the Internet, see hd video, reading magazines, play the game perfect choice!

Teclast A15 screen ratio is 16:10, it is not only Android 4.0 recommend standard, and can reproduce 720P HD video perfect. At the same time, 16:10 screen like the 16:9 screen so narrow, web browsing and ebook can show more when content, reduce the number of drag back and forth. The 16:10 screen electricity A15 both video, surfing the web, games and applications of various demand, is very perfect choice.

Teclast A15 (http://www.umibuy.com/teclast-a15-tablet-pc-9-capacitive-screen-android-4-0-tablet-pc-040741.html) adopts full plane glass panel design, the surface without any multiple elements and button, all based on Android 4.0 intelligent the characteristics of the system design. Plus ultra-thin fuselage thickness, whole is concise and fluent line, has the very high aesthetic feeling, 16:10 screen makes the more in line with the gold visual scale, but will not like iPad2 so wide fat, more facilitate carry at any time, can easily into the point the bag, convenient use when going out. Beautiful choice.

Teclast A15 Capacitive screen (http://www.umibuy.com/wholesale-netbook.html) is the plane type, and there can be no edge corner. Its surface is toughened high strength glass material, hardness is much higher than common glass, without paster also need not worry about is HuaHua; At the same time, this type of capacitance screen using the most advanced laser etching technology and not normal screen printing technique, it has high wear-resisting, accurate, sensitive, touch point don't drift advantage. So advanced touch screen for electricity brings the handling of the top A15 experiences, both play a bird, or cut watermelon, or just ordinary Internet, see ebook, you can feel the top control experience.

Teclast A15 used the latest RK2918 Rockchip master plan, and applied the Neon coprocessor, 512 KB level 2 cache and powerful GC800 graphics processor, have 1.0 GHz highest high frequency, and the overall hardware performance powerful, running all kinds of application and game speed are very fluent. At the same time Rockchip chip has good compatibility, stable operation advantage. RK2918 master the built-in GC800 processor 3D game performance is very good, TeclastA15 can smooth running all kinds of 3D game.

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