Tambuga Photo safaris are designed with the sole


Tambuga safaris main objective is to assist you on how best to communicate the unique qualities of Africa (our home) how to capture the way it looks and feels. We help you make pictures not just of Africa but about it,too.

Research is the key to photographing new places, here our Tambuga Safaris guides come in handy to assist you understand our home and culture. Time is the most important investment you can make in getting good pictures, to ensure this, Tambuga Photo Safaris are designed to give you enough time in every (must see) location to understand it better.

Landscapes' are among our favorite photographic subjects while on safari. The images you make while on game viewing drives conjure memories of the places we visited. When you view your photographs later, they call into mind not just the scenes, but all the senses and emotions you experienced here. The images are irreplaceable momentos of the most adventurous (climbing mount Kenya) or the most languorous (the Kenyan coastal beaches)ties our lives, you will hold them precious.

When you stand on a mountain top (Mt. Kenya/Kilimanjaro) or in the midst of a rolling plain (Masai Mara/Serengeti), all your senses come into play. You not only see the scene, but also hear, smell and feel it. You can even taste the crisp air on the breeze tinged with the smell of 'old Africa' '

A distant mountaintop, the play of light on water, the color of the African savannah grasslands, the big bright African sky, a road winding its way towards the mountain, or a flaming tree silhouetted by the setting sun, evoking the serenity of early evening in the vast plains of Kenya's' Masai Mara (the eighth Wonder of the World). All this and much more await you on any of Tambuga Photo safaris

In all Tambuga Photo safaris, we get out early before sunrise and get back late after sunset the times when the light is best. We make use of the harsher light of midday to scout the vast Kenya National Parks while enjoying our picnic lunches. Experience has taught us it's more useful and fruitful to spend time on one or two locations than to race around. A great shot of one place beats several mediocre ones of many.

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