TaiYangShi (date). Plagioclase


TaiYangShi scientific sex, feldspar, belong to double crystals, crystal, this is a kind of crystal has a characteristic, if put it vertically in the sun, in the light of different polarization direction under different color. This 'TaiYangShi' in sailing cloudy or fog can be used to measure position. Sailors will see far repeatedly, the light has had a treasure. TaiYangShi ancient legends, regardless of the sun in the clouds above the horizon or the people behind TaiYangShi can be used to identify the position of the sun.

Sunlight stone

Sun (from), because in the crystal required contain hematite, goethite and mica minerals such as inclusion, light reflex and golden dazzling flashing, namely 'solar effect', so called sunlight, 'TaiYangShi' and 'Venus feldspar'. Sunlight is colorless transparent, stone. Evaluation of transparency sun is extremely important, gem more transparent, value is higher. Yellow to orange, translucent, brunet inclusions reflective effects for the good daylight.


Opal (are) among, namely 'the Cat's-eyes', 'Cat Cat eye', 'pure'. Opal say again, is in the eastern cat's-eye rare and precious jewels. Because the light show opal phenomenon and the cat's eyes, flexible and bright, can vary with the strength of the light, hence the name. This kind of optical effect, called 'the cat's-eye effect'. Has the cat's eye effect of gem. The cat's-eye with gem circles of green gems called unremitting effects, general said opal is green, and the other is the cat's-eye gem stones, must be the cat's eye effect in 'the cat's-eye' 2 words before the name, such as stones and the cat's eye, electrical stone sapphire cat's-eye etc.


December birthday stone: zircon turquoise lapis lazuli

Zircon, also called 'zirconium, Japan called' stones ', 'English names of hyacinth stone Zircon, as transparent as stones, says the Zircon stone. The sources said may be in Arabic 'Zarkun' basis, the intent is YinZhu '; 'cinnabar, Another said, 'that is derived from ancient Persian Zargun', meaning 'gold'. The first official use 'Zircon' is used to describe in 1783, the green Zircon crystals from Sri Lanka.


The peacock's feathers like malachite color spots, ancient Chinese called 'green green' and 'green', or 'green stone wares Gan', is an ancient jade expected.


Fluorite (Fluorite), also called thulium, is a kind of mineral, its main component is FuHuaGai (CaF_2), many impurities, Ca is often Y and Ce ree alternative, also contain a small amount of Fe2O3, and trace the Cl SiO2, O3, etc. In cathode ray ultraviolet radiation, or the blue and purple when heated and fluorescence.

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