T-Mobile Nokia Lumia is a phone that will certainly


Here is a brief description of the phone:

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 is a good-looking phone with great features. It may not be the best phone in the market but if you are looking for an average phone, then this one certainly fulfills all your expectations. The phone is black in color and sleek in design thereby making it a gorgeous looking cell. However, instead of metallic casing, it has a plastic covering that makes it slightly vulnerable to getting damaged. But if you know how to take care of your phone and handle it cautiously, then you are unlikely to face any trouble. It has a 3.7 inches wide screen which is quite impressive. It enjoys a dimension of 800 by 480 pixels.

Another major advantage with this phone is that it is small and petite and can easily fit into an average pocket. It is also light in weight and thin in body. Though, it does not have a Memory Card slot, it has an 8 GB Micro USB which should please most of its users.

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia has a good battery that does not need frequent plug-in. You can use the phone for close to 6 hours while you are talking without the need to plug in the battery. Its processor is good (S2 processor) and the phone comes with a baggage of cool applications that is quite impressive. Furthermore, the phone's low price makes it a buyer's delight!

T-Mobile Prism phone: T-Mobile Prism is another great phone from the T-Mobile series of cells. It is elegant and sophisticated, very refined in its looks and attractively priced. With good features and impressive looks, it can be a valuable addition to your collection of gadgets.

T-Mobile Prism is the right phone if you are looking for a 3G cell that is lowly priced. The phone has some impressive features including good display and excellent call quality. Its looks will certainly bowl you over. Sleek and handsome, the phone has tremendous looks and definitely scores over some of its predecessors. There is, however, one minor limitation. Its camera quality is not as good as one would expect. Though it is a 3.2 MP camera, it is not as good as its predecessors. Nevertheless, its other features including the 3.5 inch display screen are quite good. The phone comes with a baggage of stunning features including Bluetooth and WiFi which enable easy connectivity and also help you access the net on the go. Given its good looks and attractive features, it is another cool buy that would leave you contented.

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