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by:Crylight     2020-10-05

Portable container units

Mini cube is a type of portable container that is very small in size and provides ample of storage space for your personal goods. Container storage is ideal for the people who are looking to store their goods for a short period of time. Portable containers are ideal for storing work related stuff. These containers are also used on the construction sites to store valuable machinery and tools. It is a perfect option for worksite storage as it provides high end safety. These containers are just 2.3 meters in length and breadth and can be transported quite easily. You can easily adjust them in any corner space since they are small in size. These containers also come with locking capabilities to ensure the safety of your products.

Refrigerated containers

Container storage that comes with the refrigeration option is perfect for storing consumable goods. These containers will fulfill your cold storage requirements. The customers have the option to purchase or hire these containers according to their usage. Gobox offers high quality and reliable container storage so that you can store your valuable goods without any hassles. These containers are made with high quality material and go through standard testing procedure to ensure that they offer best services to the consumer. They also feature a separate chiller and cooling room to ensure the safety of the goods. With the help of a qualified mechanic, you can easily install a refrigeration unit inside these containers.

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