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The Importance of Squidoo Lenses

In the realm of internet marketing, Squidoo lens creation is a necessary skill for generating profit through affiliate programming and increasing web traffic to your official website. Squidoo can easily promote any of your products through the use of its lenses. These lenses make your presence felt and better known to the online community. With regard to SEO and its likelihood of being searched, lenses are better indexed by search engines compared to lopsided blogs and non-optimized websites. This is the reason Squidoo and its lenses have become so important that many firms have advertised their professional services so they can help anyone who'd like to create better lenses, especially the newcomers.

Tips for Squidoo Beginners

If you're a starter, there are several tips that can make your first lens as presentable and as effective as possible even at the beginner level.

Like social media websites, Squidoo has the 'about me' section where you can fill in your important profile. Because this part is usually viewed by other users, you need to make it appealing and attractive. Add your image, place your bio and describe yourself and your interests clearly. If you have knowledge about SEO, make sure to apply those principles as well.

Another important tip is to establish quality back links that will return web traffic to your website or blog. Place a hyperlink in your profile because this will just appear on your lenses.

Formulate an attractive title for your lenses. If your titles are catchy enough, there is a big chance that it will generate lots of views. Aside from being attractive, titles should already point out the main premise of your content. This is also a good opportunity for you to apply your SEO skills and add popular search terms in the title for it to become more visible in the search results.

Another equally important element is the introduction section. Make sure that you use your target keywords or key phrases in your intro because it is the part that will mostly appear in the search results.

Just like how you make quality blog posts, you also need to make your content informative and interesting enough so your readers will get hooked from start to finish. Additionally, avoid keyword spamming.

Even if setting up lenses may be quite easy for some, it is probably better to seek professional help from a Squidoo Lens Creation Service. You'll surely benefit from it because many lens creation services employ experienced English writers who use high quality images and create content with very fast turnaround times. They may even give you the chance to improve your Squidoo designs and guarantee important revisions when necessary. If you own a blog or website, a team of lens creators can guarantee quality back links that will increase your overall web traffic.

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