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Most individuals tend to opt for disposable toric lenses because of the convenience of not having to worry too much about cleaning schedules. But not everyone makes this choice. Some people are worried about the effect on the environment from throwing things away too easily. Others need a custom fitted solution that can't be met by disposable lenses. For these people, a conventional contact lens that is rarely replaced is usually the answer.

Optima Toric lenses are crafted for the specific purpose of lasting for months. Bausch & Lomb uses a patented lathe-cutting technology that results in a prism ballast optimally designed to compensate for astigmatism by sitting correctly on the eye. The lenses are available for many different custom prescription orders.

Bausch & Lomb uses a polymer called hefilcon B for making these lenses. It is a sturdy substance built to last instead of wearing down easily as do most disposable lenses. This polymer absorbs water when undergoing the nightly cleaning cycle, filling up to 45% of itself with water that helps the lenses feel silky smooth while you wear them during the day.

Disposable lenses that are replaced frequently have easy requirements for lens care, and can sometimes be worn for days at a time. Requirements are more strict for lenses that are going to be used for several months at a time. Lenses used for so long make deposit buildups and bacteria a problem that must be correctly managed to maintain good eye health and keep your lenses feeling great. There are a variety of different chemicals, enzymes, and heating methods available on the market that will help keep bacteria away and your lenses free of protein and lipid buildup. Your eye doctor will recommend the ideal cleaning method and schedule for you based on your individual needs.

Optima Toric lenses do their job by sitting atop the cornea and acting as a refractive prism. When you have astigmatism, the eye is shaped like an oval instead of a sphere and this causes light rays to become distorted. The lenses reverse that effect by compensating for the oval shape and restore you to perfect vision.

Since the lenses act as a prism, they need to be placed just right in order for them to do their job. That means that the heavier part of the lens must go towards the bottom. It's not always an easy task to figure out what the heavier part is, since the lenses are so thin to begin with. Optima Toric lenses come with three little etchings at the bottom of each lens to help you out, guiding you as to how exactly you should put each lens in your eye.

So when should you replace these lenses? That is purely up to your eye doctor, and you should follow his or her advice. Carefully cleaning and disinfecting the lenses as directed will go a long way towards using them for a long time, as well as minimizing the chance of any eye problems.

Whatever your reasons may be for seeking a conventional lens solution, you are likely to find that Optima Toric contact lenses address your needs. They will last a long time and feel great if you clean them properly and follow your doctor's replacement advice.

David Long is an expert who writes about toric contact lenses. Visit his web site to find money-saving coupons and the best prices for Optima Toric and many other toric lenses.

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