SofLens daily toric are disposable contact lenses


The advanced Lo-Torque design and aspheric optics are part of the highly reputed, scientific heritage in toric technology of Bausch & Lomb. The lenses have been designed to remain stable on the eye with minimal rotation for the entire time they are worn. The new technology helps improve the contrast of the retinal image and reduces spherical aberration for all the range of lens powers.

The comfort provided by these lenses comes from the thinner design and new technology of non-ionic material with the ComfortMoist moisturizing agent that keeps the surface of the lens moist all day. The thickness of the lens as well as the material used for manufacturing contribute to reducing the possibility of tearing. It is four per cent hilafilcon B polymer and 59 per cent water. Preserved in a saline solution, it is easy to remove from the ergonomic blister pack, so it is handled as little as possible.

One of the benefits of using these daily disposable lenses is the convenience of not having to clean and store them over a few weeks or months. Now, people with astigmatism can also get the expediency and hygienic benefit of new soft lenses every day.

Astigmatism means the front part of the eyeball, or cornea, is not a symmetrical spherical shape. It is elongated at the end like a rugby ball and not round like a football. This means that light does not pass through the cornea directly but has difficulty and, when it reaches the retina at the back of the eye, the distance images are blurred. Astigmatism can be corrected by wearing contact lenses that are especially manufactured for astigmatism such as SofLens daily toric.

Anyone who has distorted or blurred vision when they are reading or when they are looking into the distance may have severe astigmatism. For those who have blurred vision only at certain distances or have dry or tired eyes and find it difficult to read or focus as well as headaches may have a milder form of astigmatism. If any of these symptoms is felt, the person should see a qualified eye care professional who will give a complete diagnosis. This is also recommended for small children.

It is important to be prescribed the right lenses for astigmatic correction. A low astigmatic person who wears spherical daily disposable lenses may not have their astigmatism corrected. They will not get the crisp, clear vision especially in low levels of light if their lenses do not reduce spherical aberrations. These Bausch & Lomb lenses are ideal for people with low cylinder astigmatism who have never before worn contact lenses.

These daily disposable toric lenses are designed to fit the distinctive shape of the eye as nearly as possible. They will remain stable even when the wearer is participating in sports or other vigorous activities. First time wearers are amazed at the clear detail that they haven't seen before, especially at night. Wearers enjoy all of this without the inconvenience of cleaning and storing the lenses to keep them hygienic. These lenses are fresh each day and always clean.

Bausch & Lomb has created the first daily disposable toric lenses for astigmatism. It gives people who do not see details clearly and have been diagnosed with astigmatism clear and crisp vision along with the convenience of new lenses every day. They are comfortable to wear, stay moist all day and give remarkable night vision.

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