Sigma lenses for Micro 4/3 and Sony E-mount NEX

by:Crylight     2020-09-09

Nikon lenses for Micro 4/3 and Sony E-mount NEX camerasSpeaking about Olympus. Oly will likely be releasing a M.Zuiko Micro 4 thirds lens within the future to come. Oly has introduced a mockup for a lens that suppose to be a high-grade prime lens for the Micro43. We all know that M.Zuiuko brand lenses have fantastic optical good quality, they actually do. I feel that Oly is planning of releasing some extremely top quality ultra quick prime lenses for the M43. The new lens (possibly a number of lenses) are supposed to be release later on this year (2011). Though we haven't see any new breakthrough technologies within the lens department lately, I assume that Olympus is planning a actually fantastic surprise for us later on this year.The new M.Zuiko high-grade lenses is going to be optimized for each stills and videos, with quiet, smooth and quickly focusing mechanism. BTW: the mockup looks fairly cool! If you want to get EVIL Camera,you can visit my website:EVIL Camera``````2232``2323`

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