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Ciara Kilby, a star of the show TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) has recently revealed her beauty secret to be laser liposuction. She recently revealed that she wanted to achieve a toned body, which spurred her onto choosing laser liposuction as her method of achieving a quick, pain free result with no down time.

From Essex to Los Angeles and Kim Kardashian has revealed that she too is using laser liposuction to maintain that body. Kim Kardashian is often mentioned in the media to have a body of this generation with curves in all the right places. With laser liposuction you can target areas of fat which your clients want removed exactly as you would in the traditional method of liposuction.

What do you need?

Unlike traditional liposuction, this method of fat removal does not require a cosmetic surgeon. This is a pain free and non-invasive method of losing weight. In fact it uses our body's natural excretion mechanisms to drain away the extra fat via the lymphatic system. All that is needed is a device such as the Sigma LumiUltra Pro 60. This system has an elegant appearance which means it would look fantastic in any salon. You can buy or hire our systems from Crystal Medical (

The system uses 3 multidirectional laser diode flood lamps, each housing 20 multispread high end diodes which are placed over the treatment area. By flooding the whole treatment area it avoids missing gaps or patches. Then two more laser probes are positioned onto the region of the lymphatic nodes closest to the treatment zone. Once in position, the client can relax and enjoy the treatment - or can choose to pamper themselves with another simultaneous treatment your salon may offer. Once the treatment is over, a quick 15-20 minute cardio session will augment the process and help the process along to the results you require.

A third party trainer will offer the best and most comprehensive training in order for you to use this medical grade standard piece of equipment - and away you go! It is as simple as that. No deposit rental now available.


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