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There are also slim fit and wrap around eye glasses which appear in colors such as soft and pastel shaded metal and they are embedded around the edges with delicate crystals.In the year of 1960, Alexander McQueen introduced n unique breed of eye glasses featuring the famous round frames beatnik style with panels made of wood alongside the temples. Alexander McQueen eye glass is considered to be the pioneer of the light metal and acetate framed sunglasses that featured interchangeable lenses available in classic platinum and slate gray shades. The Alexander McQueen eye glasses and optical frames collection is produced and distributed world wide by the Safilo Group.

The hallmark feature of the Alexander McQueen eye glasses that has been brought forth recently is the exotic design and the elegant sophistication. Be it an eye glass to improve your vision or a sun glass to make you feel fashionable, Alexander McQueen has it all. The sophisticated design, amazing quality and the innovative technology and materials used in manufacturing have gained fame world wide. The elegant and awesome designs of the Alexander McQueen eye glass a great choice for business and a night on the town after work.

The collections of the Alexander McQueen eye glasses are huge and the options seem to be never ending. The perfect choice made by you can totally change your look into a whole new dimension. The recent collections of the Alexander McQueen eye glass frames range from solid yet light weight metal frames to high quality acetate frames including both modern and retro designs. The frames include sleek rectangular and highly stylish designs in black acetate as well as semi rimless styles, thus creating a collection that offers something for everyone. These frames are specially manufactured in Italy for giving you the maximum comfort. The choice of Alexander McQueen Eye Glass frames are totally personal and depends on the combination that suits you the best.

Alexander McQueen Eye Glass also has huge varieties to offer to women of class. The collection of Alexander McQueen Eye Glass frames has some exotic designer eye gears for women that includes oversized feminine frames in top quality acetate and also light weight metal frames having immense variety of classic designs that include the slim wrap style of eye wear and also modern aviator designs. Designs feature classic, retro beatnik styles and as well modern designs. Colors used in this collection include sleek black or gray, as well as bold colors such as crimson, red and bubble gum pink.

The current line of Alexander McQueen Eye Glasses maintains the tradition of delivering luxury style with a range of classy and sophisticated designs with elegant style both for men and women. The wide range of designs in Alexander McQueen sunglasses provides something fashionable to fit every face shape, occasion and personality.

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