Reasons for power attenuation of fiber laser cutting machine-fiber cutting lens


Fiber laser cutting machine is a technological innovation of sheet metal processing and a processing center for sheet metal processing. Fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and short processing cycle. It has won a wide range of markets and is loved by people from all walks of life.

As fiber laser cutting machines become more and more popular, many users will ask before collecting: Will the power of fiber laser cutting machines drop for a long time? In fact, fiber laser cutting machines are like a A car, after a few years of driving, the natural power is not so new and strong. After a few years, the power of the fiber laser cutting machine will drop slightly, and the braid will feel normal, depending on the degree of attenuation.

What factors will cause the attenuation of fiber laser cutting power

1. The problem with the laser itself.

2. The environment and conditions of the production site

For example, the quality of compressed air (mainly oil filtration, drying, and dust). There is a lot of dust on the production site, and some users place the coating work near the fiber laser cutting machine, which will affect the cutting quality and cutting ability of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Three. Laser protection and maintenance

Fiber laser cutting machines need to regularly protect and maintain the external optical path of the laser generator. In fact, the power of the laser cutting laser will decrease for a period of time. When the power supply drops to the production time When, laser and Exter. The light path must be maintained, and when the repair is completed, the cut can be restored to the factory level.

Tips for fiber laser cutting machine maintenance:

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the fiber laser every week. All electrical cabinets should be dust-proof and dust-proof.

2. Check the straightness and straightness of the track every six months to find out abnormalities and timely protection and debugging. If you don't do this, the cut effect may not be very good, which will increase the error and affect the cutting quality. This is the weight of the weight and it is necessary to do it.

3. Check the belt of the fiber laser cutting machine frequently and make sure it is tightened. Otherwise, if there is a problem in the operation, it may hurt people, or even cause death in serious cases.

4. The guide rails should be arranged frequently to clean up dust and other debris, to ensure that the frame of the normal fiber laser cutting machine is frequently scrubbed, and smooth oil is added to ensure smoothness and no debris. The guide rails should always be arranged and smooth oil, and the motor is also often arranged with lubricating oil, the machine can walk better, more accurately in the stroke, and more accurate. When cutting, the quality of the product will be improved.

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