Pan tilt wireless camera has many advantages over


Unlike the cameras of the past the pan tilt wireless camera, can be connected directly to any internet protocol address such as LAN or the internet itself. For this very reason, it is also known as outdoor wireless IP camera. Outdoor wireless IP camera allows any user connected to that network to view the video feed from the camera the only requirement is a username and password. There is no requirement of connection to a computer. Even the recording of the video can be done directly onto any computer or storage facility connected to the internet. It therefore reduces many of the disadvantages of traditional cameras.

Pan tilt wireless camera has many uses ranging from online meetings which reduce costs considerably to video chatting over yahoo, Skype or msn. The outdoor wireless IP camera can also be used to monitor any location ranging from home to office remotely. The IP wireless and pan ability of the pan tilt wireless camera combine to give a complete security solution due to advantages such as transmission over an IP network, ability to pan 360 degrees and ability to be hidden in a variety of places.

Due to the presence of night vision recording during the night is also possible. The camera also has audio recording capabilities thus allowing audio to be transmitted thereby increasing usability.

Materials used for construction of the pan tilt wireless camera allow usage outdoors for prolonged periods with minimum maintenance. These cameras have an additional feature of being charged via the same cable used for transmission over the IP network thereby lowering number of cables and allowing prolonged usage.

dinodirect pan tilt wireless camera also comes with features such as zoom and infrared analysis; this increases usability and efficacy. Video is recorded in high resolutions allowing for better picture quality. The applications of the pan tilt wireless camera are many and one can thus use pan tilt wireless camera in both offices as well as homes.

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