Our eyes too need regular exercises to keep healthy


Eye exercises are easy to do but are very effective, while doing these exercises not only person can improve his vision without using glasses but also develops his ability to focus and concentrate harder which eventually is beneficial in many ways. Blinking is very effective exercise and very good way to relax eyes while working, people working on computers or having lot of table work to do blink less than normal which puts heavy strain on the eyes and can be biggest cause for poor vision. While working one can take a break and blink once in every 3-4 seconds for two minutes, this exercise will relieve the eyes and will not allow the strain of focusing hard to harm the eyes.

Another very effective exercise to relieve the strain while working or driving or doing any work which strain the eyes, is palming. Cover the eyes with palms while elbows resting on the knees and heel of palm on cheek bone with fingers on forehead. Cup the eyes with palm leaving enough space to open and close the eyes. Now close the eyes of 30 seconds and open them to blink every 3-4 seconds for next 30 seconds repeat this process for 5 minutes to relieve the eyes and make them fresh again.

One should perform relieving exercises regularly to protect eyes from harmful effects of long working hours and accompany these exercises with zooming exercise to improve vision without using glasses or lenses. Hold the thumb in a hitchhike position and stretch the arm to its full length holding it right in front of the eyes. Now hold it still and focus on the tip of the thumb, after few seconds slowly bring it closer to the eyes while focusing at the same point till thumb is just 3 inches away from the eyes, hold it for few seconds at this position and then stretch the arm back to original position.

Repeat this process at least 10 times in one session and one can perform such sessions 2-3 times in a day to improve vision without using external support like glasses or contact lenses. Washing eyes with normal water after coming from outside, putting few drops of rose water in the eyes before going to bed are good practices for keeping eyes healthy.

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