Our eyes are probably the most sensitive part of the body


Since our eyes are so important to us, and also so delicate, ensuring constant protection is crucial to keeping up your optical health. If you wear glasses, you already have a built-in window to help diminish any foreign entity; however, there are several other precautions that you can do to try and keep yourself away from harm. For instance, when you are in areas in which there will be a lot of debris flying around (such as working on a construction site, or even a relaxing day at the beach), make sure that you are wearing some type of protective eyewear (even if it's just sunglasses). Just like the importance of wearing a hard hat at a construction site, wearing protective glasses and goggles are just as crucial to the health of your eyes!

When you have the misfortune of getting some sort of foreign body stuck in your eyes, don't panic! The body's first reaction is to help you in process to remove the unwanted object. Typically your eyes will immediately begin to water. Only if your eyes are not having any luck removing the particles alone, should you intervene... The number one rule when trying to remove something is to never rub your eyes! You may actually push the foreign object deeper and only make matters worse. Try pinching your upper eyelashes and pull them down below the lower lid. Securing your eyes closed, make a blinking notion quickly with your eyeball. Let go and see if the foreign body falls out. Try repeating this procedure a few times; however if it doesn't seem to be helping, then it might be time to move on to the rinsing method. Open your affected eye and gently put a scoop of cool water on it. Once you're done, pad the eye dry and start blink incessantly. If you feel that the object still hasn't come out, repeat again. However, if it seems as though you're not having any luck, certainly waste no time contacting a health care professional for further assistance.

One great way to safeguard yourself from miscellaneous objects penetrating your eyes is by wearing glasses frames. You might be saying to yourself, 'but what if I don't need prescription glasses?' Well, actually there are quite a few reasons that you could start [literally] shielding your eyes with glasses... However, the number one might just be that eye glasses have actually become quite the fashion accessory in recent years! No matter what you choose to keep your eyes safe, just be sure to take it seriously! Eyes are important, and let's be honest: seeing really is believing!

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