Optical materials have become a breakthrough in the bottleneck of 3D curved glass technology


   In recent years, 3C products, especially smart phones, have experienced a period of rapid technological development, and their functional innovations have gradually encountered bottlenecks due to technological limitations. Under this circumstance, in order to stimulate consumers' desire to change phones, major mobile phone brands have begun to set appearance design as a new innovative direction, such as mobile phone screen design from 2D to 2.5D, and then to the intensified 3D curved surface in the past two years. Screen. The 3D curved screen can not only bring novel visual experience and interactive experience to consumers, but also enhance the grip of the mobile phone. But recently, single-sided 3D curved screens seem to have been unable to meet the ambitions of some mobile phone manufacturers, so mobile phones with hyperboloid screens have been launched, such as Samsung S8. In addition, in order to reduce the signal shielding of the metal back cover and better meet the needs of future 5G signal communication and wireless charging, the material of the mobile phone shell has also changed from aluminum alloy to glass. For example, the latest IPhone 8 plans to abandon metal and change it. For the glass back cover, I believe this move will cause many mobile phone manufacturers to follow suit. Therefore, it is believed that the hyperboloid + glass back cover will become the standard configuration of many mobile phone brands' flagship phones in the next two years, and this will also detonate the demand for 3D curved glass.    Because the glass itself is a transparent and brittle material, in order to enrich its surface decoration effect and improve performance, engineers often use printing, spraying, UV transfer and other methods for subsequent processing on 2D or 2.5D glass. However, the surface of the 3D curved glass is relatively complicated and the bending part has the effect of amplifying the error. Therefore, the above technologies are no longer applicable to the 3D curved glass, and the GDF process is required. To put it simply, this process is to do UV transfer on the inner anti-explosive film, electroplating and then laminating with the white glass, and then the color and texture effect of the glass can be obtained. The most important thing in this process is the material of the explosion-proof membrane.   At present, most of the suppliers of anti-explosion films in 3D curved surfaces are foreign manufacturers, and most of their products are exclusively supplied by foreign brands. In addition, there are disadvantages such as high prices, unstable supply, and untimely after-sales service. In order to make up for the gap in the industry chain, Guangzhou Huigu Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. conforms to the trend of technological development and is the first in China to launch internal explosion-proof film products that can be used for 3D curved glass, which are widely used in screens and back covers of mobile phones, iPads, and notebook computers. The product is coated with a special HC layer and an impact-absorbing adhesive layer, so it has the characteristics of UV transfer/electroplating, excellent die-cut processing performance, and impact resistance, which is beneficial to the customer's subsequent texture and color processing.

Schematic diagram of the product structure of 3D curved glass with inner anti-explosion film

   It is understood that Huigu Engineering has strong Ru0026D strength, precision coating and clean room management technology, and perfect products The Ru0026D system, comprehensive quality management system and product application test platform can create internal explosion-proof film products for customers that meet their needs, aiming to help customers seize opportunities in the 3D curved glass market, improve product performance, and reduce product costs, thereby increasing Its market competitiveness.

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