Optical glass laser cutting machine helps comprehensive reform of the glass industry


With the continuous development of the optical glass industry, the precision requirements for its processing are getting higher and higher. The slit width of optical glass cutting, the straightness of the edge, the fineness of the stripes, and the smoothness will all affect it. the quality of. Compared with traditional processing technology, automated CNC laser tube cutting equipment can better meet the high requirements of optical glass. The traditional glass processing method is achieved by using special band saws and drilling machines, but this method can neither guarantee the beauty nor the accuracy, and it also takes up a lot of labor cost and time cost of material clamping and transshipment. The laser tube cutting machine can cut optical glass in more detail. It has the advantages of high flexibility, high precision, high efficiency, and short product production cycle. The use of CNC automatic processing methods can greatly improve the production efficiency of fitness equipment. It has become a standard equipment in the manufacturing process of the optical glass industry.

Characteristics of glass laser cutting equipment: 1. The whole machine is compact in structure, small in space, and easy to use. Domestic first, smaller and more flexible; 2. Basic configuration, using imported European and American lasers, ultra-fine ultra-fast cold laser processing, with high-speed galvanometer scanning system or cutting system, the spot can reach 3-6 microns, and the cutting slit width can reach 14 microns, accurate and delicate processing, fast speed and good effect, almost no heat affected zone, high yield rate. 3. Intelligent CCD vision system realizes automatic fool-proof recognition, precise positioning and calibration, automatic detection function, NG automatic recognition and pick-and-place function; 4. Laser processing system control core, laser cutting system is built on the Windows platform, and the control software adopts SCAPS The software and control card adopts high-speed USB2.0 control input, excellent and stable performance, easy to use and operate, and the program can be upgraded at any time according to the needs of customers. 5. Fully automatic loading and unloading system to achieve the fully automatic production goal of the semiconductor microelectronics industry production line; 6. Directly edit or import the cutting program, automatic counting function, freely set the cutting quantity and count the total number of products cut, and set the value Up to a billion digits. Relying on more than 10 years of technology precipitation, Shanghai Zhikaijie Laser's cutting solutions in the glass industry have been favored by glass companies and have been well received by users, helping the innovation and development of the glass industry.

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