Optical coating applications promote the growth of the sputtering coating market in 2020


  According to the latest research released by RnR Market Researh fabude, from 2015 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate of the pure target part of the sputtering coating market is expected to increase to 6.26% at most.   This is due to the continuous growth of coating applications in the silicon wafer process, the continuous growth of display panels for mobile tablet computers, and the increasing use of thin coatings for LCD screens, data storage devices and different cutting tools.  In the sputter coating market, the fastest growing segment is optical coating applications, which is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 10.17% from 2015 to 2020. The increasing demand for high-precision durable consumer goods in the military, medicine, laser optics and consumer electronics (smart phones, flat panels, LCD screens, digital cameras) will drive the market.   The Asia-Pacific region dominates the sputter coating market because the region is the largest market for consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, LCD screens, tablets, notebook computers, and automobiles. Sputtering coatings are widely used in different fields, such as medical, aerospace, automotive, optics, electronics, energy and thin film deposition, optical devices, liquid crystal displays, photovoltaic equipment, displays, touch screens, solar cells and semiconductors and other products. deal with. The demand and consumption of these products have increased significantly, which has increased the demand for sputtering coatings.  The report predicts that the sputtering coating market is growing rapidly; from 2015 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 5.18%. The report includes market size (in US dollars), forecasts for the sputtering coating market, targets (pure materials, alloys, mixtures), substrates (metals u0026 electrolytes, glass, plastics, semiconductors), applications (construction, electronics, optics, Tribological properties of coatings, decorative coatings) and regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific). Sputter coating is one of the most popular processes for thin layer deposition. During the sputtering process, the material is ejected from the target and deposited on substrates like silicon wafers, display screens and optical films. The target is the source of the material, and the substrate is placed in a vacuum chamber and evacuated to a specified molding pressure. Sputter coating has been used for many years. With the improvement of the industrialization level of semiconductor circuits and the growth of demand for semiconductor circuits and other electronic equipment, the importance of sputter coating has also increased.   Coating technology is becoming more and more important in different industries, depending on the application of the technology. In the electronics industry, the transition from microelectronics to nanoelectronics requires Ru0026D and coating of smaller components. At the same time, the demand for cost-effective and environmentally friendly coatings is large, leading to an increase in the demand for sputter coatings.   The main companies in the sputtering coating market are: JXNipponMining u0026 Metals Corporation (Japan), Tosoh SMDInc. (U.S.), Hitachi Metals Ltd. (Japan) and so on.

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