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by:Crylight     2020-09-16

Here, I would like to discuss the advantages first. It is true that you will look prettier with contact lenses than with the conventional glasses and you don't need worry about it falling down during doing sports. When you are sweating, crying and eating heated foods the glasses will not become foggy. What's more, your beautiful mascara and eye shadow will not be covered by your eyeglasses.

Even though with these advantages, I would still like to explore the disadvantages of wearing contact lenses. First, you have to wash the lenses everyday, it is so troublesome. If you don't want to avoid this, you can buy the one-day disposable lenses. But not everyone can afford these kinds of lenses as they are too expensive. Second, you will feel dry in your eyes if you wear them for a too long time unless taking eyedrops with you. Third, your fingernails must be cut frequently to prevent the lenses from being scratched. Fourth, bacterial infection may occur if you don't pay much attention to hygiene. You have to buy eye drops and the small boxes specific for contact lenses usually, this is not only inconvenient but also a waste of money (generally, they have to be replaced every three months). Last but not the least, you have to prepare a pair of glasses with frames which you will turn to in case of eye infection, cold and fever or lenses miss.

It can be seen from the above statements that the disadvantages are much more than the advantages of wearing contact lenses. So it is better to wear the traditional eyeglasses with frames. I don't mean asking you not to wear contact lenses any longer, instead I suggest you reduce the frequency of wearing to one or two times a week. I think this can protect your eyes and keep your beauty at the same time.

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