Not all smartphone cases are created equal. And


The accessories maker boasts a unique look of luxury, thanks to its use of glittery Swarovski elements on a whole range of smartphone cases and covers. And their new Milky Way series of Galaxy S4 cases is no exception to this high-end, attention-getting style.

Aside from all that glitters, Bling My Thing covers all the bases you'd expect from a good quality Galaxy S4 case. Their Milky Way model is slim and form-fitting, allowing easy access to all ports and controls and sporting a scratch-resistant coating.

Bling My Thing says they've 'gone to serious lengths to consistently redesign and finalise the case designs for the Samsung Galaxy S4. A lot of time was put into figuring out exactly where the Swarovski elements were to be placed on the case as well as how the shape of the holes for each camera/flash/microphone and button access.'

But these swanky and cool Galaxy S4 accessories certainly do have something others do not. And that's class. We're not talking about cheap plastic prisms glued onto a standard case here. Rather, the genuine Swarovski elements are individually applied by skilled craftsmen. In other words this case has total swag.

Not surprisingly, Hollywood's elite have taken a shine to Bling My Thing, with celebrities like Bruce Willis stepping out with a cool Bling My Thing phone case.But regular people can feel like a star too, by adding a touch of glam with one of their new cases.

The Milky Way collection for Galaxy S4 is perfect for those who want to shine without going overboard. Designed as part of Bling My Thing's 'Simple Is Beautiful' collection, it sports an S-shaped curve of Swarovski elements, available in either all clear crystals or a mix of clear and different tones of pink.

It's a bit of galactic glitz, which when you think about it, is totally appropriate for a Galaxy S4 case S4. And if your into showing a little flash when you're out and about, the star-studded glamour and style of Bling My Thing's accessories can't be beat.

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