Nokia Lumia from T-Mobile is a good phone with


Exterior: The phone's exterior is sleek and black. In fact, it is hard to tell the difference between a T-Mobile Nokia Lumia and some of its predecessors. The sleek curvy design is good to look at but is vulnerable to getting greasy on touch. The 3.7 inches screen is modest with a dimension of 800 by 480 pixels.

The body is made of plastic which is a minor let down since most people prefer a metallic protection. The pitch black color would have lent the phone a regal look had it not been for the plastic casing. The phone is quite small and light thereby making it easy to carry. There is an 8 GB Micro USB but no slot for a memory card.

Battery: Battery life may not be remarkable but is quite good with a talk time of over 6 hours. Consumption of battery is next to nothing when the phone is not in use.

Other features: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia has an acceptable 1.4 GHz Qualcomm S2 processor and some applications like Maps and Drive. Overall, it is an average phone which is reasonably good and definitely worth its price.

T-Mobile Prism Review: Another good and attractively priced phone is the Prism from T-mobile. Here is a brief review:

T-Mobile Prism is decently priced, comes with a good call quality and an acceptable speed. It may not be the best phone in the market but is another good midrange phone which is worth the buy. Its only major drawback is its poor camera quality which fails to match up to the level of its competitors.

Priced lowly at just $20, Prism is your perfect choice for a cheap 3G phone. If you cannot afford the high-quality expensive Android phones, Prism is your next best alternative. It's true that its speed and camera quality have a lot left to be desired. But given the price, the phone does not disappoint.

It comes with a display screen of 3.5 inches and a camera of 3.2 MP. It has facilities of Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity which can be highly useful while surfing the net.

T-mobile Prism is available in red or gray color. It is sleek in design and light in weight. Being of small dimension, it can easily fit into your pockets. The phone comes with a number of applications including YouTube, Maps, Gmail, Latitude, Search, Play and Talk.

Overall, despite some minor limitations, the phone is good and at $20 definitely worth a buy.

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