Nanyang Haochuan is the first choice for glass optical instruments

by:Crylight     2021-04-29

   Nanyang Haochuan Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces various lens and prisms for optical instruments. The quality of its products has been certified by the relevant national departments and has been awarded relevant qualification certificates. The products are supplied to many domestic and foreign enterprises. The stable cooperative relationship, because of the timely delivery of the company and the extremely high product qualification rate, has won an excellent reputation in the industry and established an image of standing firm.

   In the long-term production process, the company focuses on introducing advanced production technology, innovating production equipment, and conducting strict service technical training for company employees to meet the company’s production needs At the same time, the company has independent import and export rights, and professionally sells various domestic and foreign famous stress testing equipment. At the same time, it professionally provides customers with product stress testing solutions to escort your product quality control. It is a professional lens, prism and The leader of service.  All the staff of the company will serve you wholeheartedly. We will make you satisfied with 100% enthusiasm. Welcome all companies with the intention of cooperation to call or write to discuss business. I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation experience.

  Contact information: Xia Julong Mobile: 13803378018  Phone: 0377-63569000   Fax: 0377-63569000   Address: Qilin West Road, Wolong District, Nanyang Postcode: 473000  Company website:


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