Meth is the abbreviation of methylamphetamine


(6) Crystal meth users sometimes go through toxic psychosis and chemically-induced schizophrenia. Physiological Effects:(1) Crystal meth users frequently experience a few physical difficulties like itching, JIB sores, body sores, skin rashes, and cracked lips.(2) Speed bumps become evident immediately after the toxins enter the crystal meth user's body.(3) Some of the symptoms of crystal meth addiction include mental confusion, incapability to focus on the goals, hyper alertness, muscle spasms and muscle cramps.(4) The effects of crystal meth are also visible through the crystal meth user's eyes. The crystal meth user's pupils become quite dilated and his eye movement becomes very rapid.(5) A constant injection of crystal meth results to dizziness, blurred vision, and coordination troubles.(6) An addiction to crystal meth may also result to health disorders like hepatic failure, respiratory failure, renal failure, brain toxicity, and a handful of critical heart disorders like heart failure and acute myocardial infarction.(7) One more possible effect of taking crystal meth, even in small quantities, is brain injury(8) Aside from the above mentioned physiological effects and possible disorders, an addiction to crystal meth may also result to the death of the user.An addiction to crystal meth is totally curable when the correct treatments are exercised. There are some residential and non-residential addiction treatment programs available for crystal meth users who are willing to recover. These treatment programs also involve counseling. The treatment programs involve cleansing the body while the counseling sessions involve encouraging the crystal meth user to stop his addiction. It is very important for the crystal meth user to receive enough concern and encouragement from his family, his friends, and the society so that he can get better a whole lot sooner.*Berlin Flores is a health essayist who specializes in crystal meth addiction subjects. Access the crystal meth addiction site for additional information in reference to crystal meth addiction.

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