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The Bright Crystal Perfume by Versace combines all the scents you love. With scents like accord, pomegranate, magnolia, peony, musk and plant amber, you get a fragrance that really stands out. Although the scent smells very subtle and soft, it's also sensual. It has such a complex scent that it can be hard to resist! You'll feel as beautiful as you look with this fragrance. It also gives a mysterious, ethereal vibe which every woman wants to achieve. Versace has combined high quality essential oils to and perfumes. This makes a fragrance that is highly concentrated. It doesn't rub off or evaporate easily like mostly alcohol based fragrances do. Alcohol based perfumes also tend to smell harsh, even for softer scents. On the other hand, Versace perfumes use a lot of perfume oils, which means it lasts longer. It also smells purer, so you don't have to use as much product. This is important to know the difference between cologne and perfume if you want to know the difference between high-quality perfume and cheap scents. Contrary to popular opinion, colognes can be used by women as well, and perfumes can be worn by men. The difference is that perfumes really last, because they are made with high quality oils. It also has many layers of scents, so that as each layer wears off, you don't smell bad. On the other hand, Colognes have a uniform scent. This means that the fragrance is less likely to stand the test of time.

Versace's Bright Crystal Perfume also comes in many sizes. This way, if you're a first-time buyer, you can get the smaller bottle so that if it's not for you, you can sample other Versace perfumes. It also has other variants. You can get a travel sized Bright Crystal perfume bottle, which comes with a small spritzer so you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere. These come in at about forty-eight dollars per piece. If you want a sampler-sized bottle, or a more convenient way to travel with your perfume, you can get the small roller ball, which is about .3 ounces. It is the smallest size, and costs only twenty dollars. The next sizes are about 1.7 ounce and 3 ounce bottles. The former costs only sixty dollars, while the latter costs ninety dollars. If you want, you could even get a matching lotion so you really come out smelling like a star. These come in six ounce bottles, and are perfect for everyday use as they only sell for forty dollars.

White Diamonds Perfume was introduced by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991 and was an instant success. Millions of women of all ages began wearing it and it remains popular to this day.

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