Many people wear contact lenses for reasons of

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Vision becomes more natural and the sizes of objects are represented correctly. Glasses distort the form and the size of an object

The frame of a pair of glasses limits peripheral vision

Contact lenses move with your eyes

Lenses do not mist over in cool or damp weather, they do not freeze in the winter, they do not become wet under a rain and snow does not stick to them.

If the powers your eyes require are significantly different, contact lenses can be made in such a way that both eyes will operate in coordination

Lenses are irreplaceable for people who play sports, dance, or have an active lifestyles.

Lenses help your children avoid the psychological and physical traumas related to wearing glasses.

Contact lenses can protect the cornea during recuperation. Special soft medical lenses are made for this purpose.

Contact lens cons

On the down side:

contact lenses need frequent replacement, so they cost more

wearing contact lenses presents a certain risk of eye infection, particulary if you don't clean them properly

caring for your lenses takes time

When contact lenses are definitely superior to glasses

In cases of severe short-sightedness, when thick glasses are very heavy and make your eyes look small

In cases where there is a big difference (more than 2.5 diopters) between the visual acuity of your eyes. With such a condition, glasses can't provide adequate correction

In cases where your cornea needs special protection - for excample, after the removal of a cataract

It seems that benefits contact lenses offer outweigh the effort that is needed to take care of them. Besides, many people think that they simply don't look good in glasses. Contacts are a perfect solution for this problem because they are practically invisible.

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