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Types of Colored Contact Lenses

1) Visibility tint: These lenses are usually colored with a light blue or green tint so that one can see them more easily while applying or if dropped. The color tint is so light that it does not affect eye color.

2) Enhancement tint: While providing a change of eye color, the enhancement tint subtly amplifies your current eye color.

3) Color tint: For those who wish to completely change their look, the color tint comes in a large variety of colors that will instantly change your eye color.

4) Light-filtering tint: These newly designed lenses are designed for those who are active or athletes, as they enhance certain colors and diminish others. For example, it's helpful for an athlete to see a ball if its color is enhanced.

Types of color

Generally colored contact lenses come in the following colors: blue, green, gray, honey or topaz, pearlescent, brown or violet.

1) Blue: From deep blue to aqua marine, contact lens wearers have many shades of blue to choose from. Even if you have the deepest of brown eyes, you can completely change your color to light blue overnight with colored tint contact lenses. Those who have naturally blue eyes can wear either the color tint of enhancement tint lenses.

2) Green: While the most popular colored contact lens, choosing the right shade of green can be tricky. It's important for those completely changing their shade to consider their complexion in order to choose the best green hue.

3) Brown: A perfect colored contact lens for those wanting to warm their eye color, brown lenses allow one to intensify or darken their natural color or to change their eye color completely.

4) Gray: The color gray is actually a natural shade that can still provide a rare look. For a drastic gray color, one would want to choose the color tint, which exudes a cool, unique look.

5) Honey or topaz: With an array of variations such as twilight, sunrise and amber, honey or topaz shades are quite popular, especially those with a medium or dark complexion.

6) Pearlescent: People generally choose this shimmery shade because they want one thing: sparkle. Choosing a contact lens with just a small ring of this shade is also an option, which enhances the sparkle in your eyes.

7) Violet: Often seen as an exotic, passionate color, the shade of purple is popular among those who have dark eyes. However, this shade can be worn by everyone in either enhancement tint or color tint contact lenses.

What Types of Colors Are Best For You?

Your eyes are light and you want to enhance your natural color: Popular choices for those wishing to increase or brighten their eye color will purchase either Freshlook or Acuvue brand lenses.

You want to dramatically change your color: Popular choices for drastic eye color change are Acuvue Colors Opaques or Freshlook Colors. These brands guarantee to completely hide your natural color.

Costume or Theatrical Contact Lenses

A type of opaque color tints, these costume and/or special-effect contact lenses are now widely available for novelty use.

Colored Contact Lens Brands

Buying colored contact lenses online is simply cheaper than purchasing at a retail store. In today's fast-paced world, you want to buy and receive your colored contact lenses quickly and simply. You can find quality, inexpensive colored contact lenses from online stores where you can save up to 70%. Whether you are looking for prescription or non-prescription colored contact lenses, you can find some of the following top colored contact lens brands for a bargain, online.

1) Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson: Acuvue Colours Enhancers, Colour Opaques

2) Expressions by CooperVision: Colours Enhancers, Accents

3) Natural Touch by CooperVision: Opaque DW, Accents FW, Tint DW

4) Vantage by CooperVision

5) Cibrasoft by CibaVision: Colors, Colors MTO

6) Focus by CibaVision: Soft Colors

7) FreshLook by CibaVision: Light Tint, ColorBlends, One Day Colors, Colors Opaques, Dimensions, Toric ColorBlends

8) WildEyes by CibaVision

Enhancing or changing your eye color can make a subtle or intense difference in your appearance. Whichever type, color or brand of colored contact lenses you choose, be sure your lenses fit properly and comfortably in order to ensure your added confidence and new look.

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