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College glasses are available in a variety of designs. Some of the most popular designs include the wine glass, beer mug, Pilsner glass, the square double old fashioned glass, the stemless wine glass and various decanters and carafes. Such glassware can be used as mementos or even during special parties and occasions. When used for the latter purpose, such a college beer glass collection has a way of bringing out a sense of belonging especially if the people using them attended the same school.

Since such glassware holds a significant value, it makes all sense to opt for source that can provide excellent quality college glasses. When talking excellent quality, we are considering issues such as the quality of the glass itself and the quality of the etched logo. Most people are not aware of the different methods used to etch glass, but the results can be quite different.

The most employed glass etching technique is acid etching. This method uses hydrofluoric acid cream. The acid eats away at the surface of the glass. This method has been widely used for etching car identification numbers on car's windshield, mirrors and windows. Laser etching uses a laser beam to cut the glass. Neither of these methods can be used to create deep etching.

Screen printing does not etch but rather imprints logos on the glasses. Some manufacturers use a light white screen printing to simulate etching. Screen printing washes off over time, especially when using a dishwasher.

The best way to have your college glasses etched is through sand blasting. This deep etching method uses pressurized abrasive material to crystal cut deeper into the glass thus guaranteeing a college beer glass with permanent and dishwasher-safe logo that will not fade or disappear with time. It is labor and time intensive, but definitely worth the trouble. If you purchase barware from, you will immediately see the difference that deep etching can make.

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