Many little girls love Barbie, so a Barbie Party

by:Crylight     2020-10-07

Swap out lamp shades for those with Barbie theme to them as the first step. Second consider using Barbie decals on the window if sunlight is available to create unique colors and patterns as the light passes through them, like prisms. While sunlight would be the likely choice to make this feature work, it is possible to get artificial light to generate the same effect. Spend some time testing out how it's going to work in the room, rooms being selected.

Barbie Pink is the color to go for, so decorate those walls with pink fabric, even if it's only one major wall. Not all the walls need to be done the same, in fact for contrast and attention ideas consider doing each wall differently. While one wall might be done in this pink fabric, the other wall could be decorated in poster board that has various Barbie scenes that has been drawn onto the poster board and colored.

Remember that in order to make this entire party happen, on time planning and acquiring of the party supplies is going to be important. This party is no different, so for those teams are going gather up Barbie party supplies should spend some time on the game plan. Consult the to do list and check off what has been bought, done, accomplished, and pick up where the list leaves off to get it all done.

A Barbie centerpiece would be perfect atop a pink draped table in order to stay with the theme, and if it's a Barbie doll it could even be the prize of a winning ticket! Depending on the size of the place, number of guests attending it might be cool to include placement cards of who is sitting were at the party.

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