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According to Dr. Langham, this shape held 'the full potential for infinite love, for infinite wisdom, for infinite form, for infinite energy, for infinite power, for the Soul, for eternal time, for infinite velocity, for infinite faith. It has all our goals, desires, motivationseven life itself.' Some people say that the heart of creation itself can be found within the Genesa Crystal, and that it can promote physical wellbeing, mental clarity, energy and even emotional wellness.

Genesa Crystal and Nature

As an agriculturist and plant geneticist, Dr. Langham worked closely with sesame. In his research and studies with the plants and seeds, he noticed that sesame plants grew healthier when he planted them in circles, instead of straight lines. He then wrote about his observations in a book called Circle Gardening, which explains the theories of the Genesa Crystal. Dr. Langham believed that the shape of Genesa is the coded matrix of one's life force and that one could clear his mind and soul with it to work towards healing and wellness from its energy.

Many people have used the Genesa Crystal for meditation, as a powerful tool to align and balance both their physical body and soul. It can also help in awakening the mind to the presence of ones inner being and God. There have also been some who have stepped inside huge, copper Genesa Crystals and copied the movement of cell division in 13 forms to condition and clarify their own personal living energies.

Genesa Crystal Jewelry

Cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman has harnessed the power of the Genesa Crystal in several pieces of exquisite jewelry, allowing wearers to experience for themselves what infinite love, clarity, wisdom and energy is all about. His Genesa Crystal Pendant, for instance, can be worn to help balance and cleanse energy so that the wearer can radiate good energy back to the people around him or her. It can also be used to purify energy in the environment at home or in the garden.

Another lovely piece of jewelry that can be used for physical and emotional wellbeing is the Genesa Crystal Pendant with a stone bead inside. This pendant can cleanse and purify the environment and even raise the power of the energy of the stone inside the Genesa Crystal.

Encompassing health and wellbeing is important for all of us. To be able to live a fulfilling life, we must maintain balance and purity in our hearts, minds, bodies and soul. With the power of the Genesa Crystal and Genesa Crystal jewelry, we can harness the energies of nature to be able to find infinite love, wisdom, health and wellbeing.

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