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Cleaning and maintenance methods

A, Table structures: If there is no hydraulic auto lift, and will have to build simple, safe working platform can be downgraded, platform height to stand up by raising their hands to touch the highest point of light body shall prevail. B, crystal beads wipe: wipe beads, there must be foam detergent diluted in water, stained cloth, gently in the crystal beads are on the back while cleaning (wipe down when not pinch the bead to avoid pulling broken beads). C, maintain the lamp body balance: if we want to remove the beads all clean, large-scale demolition of beads in mind when lighting the lamp body balance, not to Chai Wan side and then split the other side of body tilt caused by light, causing light body or outside frame deformation; should be around, with a demolition. D, wiping bracket parts: the clean frame, fitting, soft cloth Do not water on alcohol in particular, water can not stick to prevent friction damage outside the protective film plating layer, affecting the surface lighthouse shine. E, safety work: cleaning the lamp rack, switch it off; bulb must remove and then put something Wax clean; bulb precession when appropriate, and too loose will have access to undesirable; tight bulb may be screwed bad. F, timely replacement parts: find the connection beaded buckle rust color, a unsightly, two easy embrittlement, the best way exchange; find beading defects, should prompt padded.


A, not rotating the light body: cleaning lamps, do not rotating the light body, so as not to loose thread, resulting in unsafe incidents. B, check the link components: light body should also check the links to parts of the solid nature of screw loosening was found to be easily tightened, there is a dangerous spiral slide teeth replaced immediately to ensure safety. C, maintain the bead flat: When cleaning beads (especially on the part of the drop-down network) found that beads twisted (with a spring round or oval buckle buckle, prone to this phenomenon), should be adjusted to achieve flat results; if is flat, 'Butterfly Rings' thread, and note the positive to the same buckle outward, inward interfaces, can only beautiful and unified. Suggestions A, safe operation: large crystal chandelier cleaning, maintenance, as is often required to work at height, must pay great attention to staff safety, security and lighting work platform safety. Usually once or twice a year to clean and can remain bright as new, glamorous good results. B, light bulb replacement: the cleaning process, such as replacing light bulbs, suggested the use of good quality, long life of brand-name products to avoid 'East West, light is not bright,' the problems affecting the appearance. C, crystal beads dust: if condition, previously used low-grade crystal beads, could be considered replaced by a good High quality crystal beads; present good quality high crystal bead surface dust treatment process, not easy to stick dust, is better . D, Lighthouse renovation: 24K gold plated real lighthouse, and can be maintained for five years or longer without Ken color; may consider turning power once again after five years, that there is a new feeling.

Regular inspection:

Hanging in an important position or light coming and going more places, its security stability should come first. Headlamps are weighing several hundred kilograms, if corrupt, its consequences would be disastrous. So, should regularly send checks hidden in the ceiling inside the embedded parts and bearing hooks, hanging chain, to prevent aging without notice, causing the accident. F, up to date: if possible, should also check whether the good performance of interior wires and found adhesions, aging, forthwith replaced to ensure safety. G, professional maintenance: large lamps, circuit complexity (with grade lighting), the best company to hire a professional lighting technician for cleaning, maintenance, expensive, easy and secure a conversion.

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