Luo Peidong: Build the second generation of the leading optical film production line in China


   Luo Peidong, male, born in September 1984, from Cixi City, Ningbo, master. After studying polyester fiber spinning and forming technology, he changed to studying optical film forming technology. After graduating from Imperial College in the UK, he immediately returned to China with optical film technology to start a business. In July 2009, Ningbo Dongxucheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded. In more than three years, Luo Peidong and his Ningbo Dongxucheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. have jumped into the ranks of world-class optical film suppliers with a triple jump. The company's projects are listed as major industrial projects in Ningbo and technological transformation and emerging industries in Ningbo. In 2012, Luo Peidong was included in the eighth batch of 'National Thousand Talents Plan' as a high-level overseas talent.   Luo Peidong graduated from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Donghua University in Shanghai with a bachelor's degree in polymer materials and engineering. He is mainly engaged in spinning and forming technology of polyester fiber. After graduation, he went to the British Imperial College to study for a master's degree in composite materials. During his study abroad, Luo Peidong formed a Ru0026D team specializing in the field of optical films. After long-term research, the team has mastered the production process and technology of optical films.   Luo Peidong learned in his study and research that liquid crystal displays have long been monopolized by Japanese and Korean companies, and there are no domestic production companies. 'Why can't we have our own research and development optical film base?' Luo Peidong secretly made up his mind to build a leading optical film manufacturing company for liquid crystal displays in China. At the end of 2008, Luo Peidong gave up the superior living conditions and development opportunities in the UK and returned to China with optical thin film technology. In July 2009, he formally established Ningbo Dongxucheng Chemical Co., Ltd. (later renamed: Ningbo Dongxucheng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd). At the beginning of the business, there were only more than 10 employees in the company, and problems such as fund raising, talent introduction, and technological overcoming followed one after another. As the founder of the company, Luo Peidong made full use of his own resources to bring his Ru0026D team established abroad into China, and cooperated with famous domestic universities and research institutes in production, education and research. With joint efforts, he has overcome a series of technical challenge. At the same time, Luo Peidong recognizes the importance of management, introduces advanced management concepts and systems at home and abroad, and combines the company's corporate culture to formulate a management model that meets the company's operation and development, so that the company's development is guaranteed by the system. The company’s leading optical film production line took 2 and a half years from design, manufacturing, installation to production. The team led by Luo Peidong worked day and night on the construction of the production line and completed the construction of the optical film production line in August 2011. It went into production smoothly in December.  As a new high-tech company, market development is another major challenge. Luo Peidong takes the vision of entrepreneurs, implements the development strategy of developing factories through science and technology, and takes technological advancement as the guide. He puts the focus of enterprise development on technological innovation, and puts the foothold of product research and development on high-end customers. At present, the company's products have been widely used in liquid crystal display panels and modern lighting industry, and the quality is generally recognized by the industry. And has become a long-term partner of Samsung, BOE, Longteng Optoelectronics, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka, Changhong and other large domestic and foreign manufacturers. Since liquid crystal displays have been monopolized by Japanese and Korean companies for a long time, and there are currently no domestic manufacturers, Dong Xucheng has become the first domestic enterprise in the optical film industry for liquid crystal displays.   In March 2012, the company was named 'Cixi City Innovation Team EnterpriseAs a new high-tech optical film manufacturing company, Tunghsu Shing’s film projects have received support from the local governments of Ningbo and Cixi many times, including the innovation and entrepreneurship funds for overseas students in Ningbo, major industrial selected projects in Ningbo, and technological transformation and technological transformation in Ningbo. Emerging industry projects, etc. After several years of research, the company has made outstanding research results in the field of optical thin films. Currently, it has more than 10 authorized invention patents of various types, as many as 43 patents pending and ready to be approved this year. Luo Peidong led the company’s Ru0026D team and the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Donghua University in Shanghai to conduct cooperative research to solve the technical difficulties of products, and constantly develop high-end new products to meet market demand. The company’s key product, reflective film, currently has only three global manufacturers. Rei, Japan's DuPont Teijin, and China's Dong Xucheng, so far are the first in the country. By the end of 2013, the company's total output value reached 217 million yuan, sales of 168 million yuan, and profits and taxes of 40.97 million yuan. In his spare time, Luo Peidong, the executive chairman of the Cixi Young Entrepreneurs Association, the Secretary-General of the Science and Technology Branch of the Non-Party Intellectuals Association, and a member of the 12th Cixi CPPCC, also actively participates in social welfare activities through various organizational platforms. Public welfare undertakings and poverty alleviation activities, do our best to give back to the society.

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