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Hummer Disco:

This shocking pink stretch Hummer will instantly blind you unless you come out with large, shocking pink sunglasses on and possibly a furry boa. Inside you will find three TVs, laser lights, strobes, a disco flort and lush interior. Whip up some daiquiris, turn up the 70's disco tunes and do the Hustle until you reach your party destination.

Super Stretch:

With a total length of more than 30 metres, you better not be heading to an event in a narrow city street. This beast of a limo has 26 tyres, loads of cabin room, a heated Jacuzzi, sun deck, some beds and... a helipad! Finally, a limo that you could quite comfortably live in for months on end.

The Dual-nosed Escalade:

Blow someone's mind on the road in this unique limo. With two front ends, you could simply sit in the driver seat at the back, cover your face with your arms and scream in terror. Drivers coming up behind the limo will either swerve out hilariously, or soil their underwear. Either way, it is a great way to stay entertained en route.

Luxury on budget:

The Skoda Limousine offers old school charm for those with a tighter budget. Forget flat screen LCDs, simply sit back in the old leather chair, smoke a cheap cigar and watch the fuzzy reception on the old 54cm box TV. Exclusivity has never been this affordable.

Monster limo:

Enjoy a glass of bubbly while your driver crushes everyone else on the road. A limo is generally about elegance and comfort, but sometimes striking fear into people is way more satisfying. This monster truck will certainly have that effect, especially when you park on top of everyone else at the red carpet.

These are just a few of the strange ideas out there. Others include Volkswagen Beetles, race car limos and homemade vehicles that are definitely not road worthy.

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