LBO Crystal

Lithium Triborate LiB305 or LBO is a newly developed nonlinear optical crystal. It is unique in many aspects, especially its wide transparency range, mechanical properties. Its transmission range is from 0.21>m to 2.3 >m. LBO Crystal allows temperature-controllable non-critical phase-matching(NCPM) for 1.0-1.3/m.Type I SHG and also provides room temperature NCPM for typeII SHG at 0.8-1.1/m. It possesses a relative(dn?0-6/cm) and being free of inclusion Relatively large quality requirements for sours lasers. Features: Broad transparency range from 160nm to 2600nm High optical homogeneity(dn?0-6/cm) and being free of inclusion Relatively large effective SHG coefficient(about three times that of KDP) High damage threshold(18.9GW/cm2 for a 1.3ns laser at 1053nm)Wide acceptance angle and small walk-off Type I and Type II non-critical phase matching(NCPM) in a wide wavelength range Spectral.

LBO CRYSTAL Manufacturing Capabilities

Angle tolerance:

Δθ< ± 0.5±; Δφ< ±0.5±

Dimensional Tolerance:

(W ± 0.1mm) x (H ± 0.1mm) x (L + 0.2/-0.1mm)


<L/8 at 633nm                

Surface Quality(S/D):

10/5 before coating,  20/10 after coated


< 20 arc seconds


< 5 arc minutes

Wavefront Distortion:

<L/8 at 632.8nm                

Clear Aperture:

Central 95%

Bevel (leg width):

<0.15mm x 45degree                


* Protective coating is required to prevent polished surfaces from fogging.


* Anti-reflective coating should be considered if low reflectivity is required.


Black Anodized Aluminium

Crystal Structure

Orthorhombic, Space group Pna21, Point group mm2

Lattice Parameter

a=8.4473Å, b=7.3788Å , c=5.1395Å , Z=2

Melting Point

About 834℃

Mohs Hardness



2.47 g/cm3

Thermal Conductivity


Thermal Expansion Coefficient

ax=10.8x10-5/K, ay= -8.8x10-5/K, az=3.4x10-5/K

Transparency Range


SHG Phase Matchable Range

551 ~ 2600nm(Type I)790-2150nm (Type II)

Therm-optic Coefficient(°C, l in μm)


Absorption Coefficient

<0.1%/cm at 1064nm<0.3%/cm at 532nm                    

Angle Acceptance

6.54mrad-cm(φ;, Type I,1064 SHG)
15.27mrad-cm(q, Type II,1064 SHG)

Temperature Acceptance

4.7°C-cm(Type I, 1064 SHG)
7.5°C-cm nbsp; (Type II,1064 SHG)

Spectral Acceptance

1.0nm-cm (Type I, 1064 SHG)
1.3nm-cm (Type II,1064 SHG)

Walk-off Angle

0.60° (Type I1064 SHG)
0.12° (Type II1064 SHG)

NLO Coefficient

deff(I)=d32cosφ;(Type Iin XY plane)
deff(I)=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ(Type Iin XZ plane)
deff(II)=d31cosθ(Type II in YZ plane)
deff(II)=d31cos2θ+d32sin2θ(Type II in XZ plane)

Non-vanished NLO susceptibilities

d31=1.05 ± 0.09 pm/V
d32= -0.98 ± 0.09 pm/V
d33=0.05 ± 0.006 pm/V

SellmeierEquations(λ in μm)


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