Lasik eye surgery is a surgical procedure performed


There are some preparations steps a patient must take before they have lasik surgery. These are fairly simple. However one requirement imposed by the FDA is that a person's eye glass or contact prescription has to be stable for one year and it can't be changing frequently. That makes sense as when you get lasik surgery it is a permanent solution and if the vision is changing the lasik surgery may not correct what really needed to be corrected. The same applies to having lasik surgery performed on someone under 18 years of age because their vision has not finished changing yet.

Other requirements that you have to take before having lasik eye surgery are that you have to stop wearing your contact lenses several weeks before surgery. The time varies for soft lens and hard contact lens. On the day before and on the day of the surgery you cannot wear eye makeup. Nor will you be able to wear eye makeup for about a few weeks after the lasik surgery. On the day of the procedure you will need to have a driver with you so you can get home. The actual procedure only takes about 30 minutes per eye.

After the surgery some of the complications may be dry eyes since lasik surgery causes temporary tear production which can last about 6 months. In some people the dry eyes may last for a while and have to be treated with eye drops prescribed by their doctor. When the flap is created this may cause some small blood vessels to break but this is a harmless side effect that will clear up by itself. The patient will get numbing eye drops in the eyes which will alleviate any pain during the process since the stays awake and active during the procedure. They only lay back in a reclining chair and that is where the procedure takes place.

The doctor's office will schedule a follow up visit within about two days to check up on the procedure results. Then they will schedule another follow up visit in about six months after the procedure.

Some other after effects may include a halo effect or reduced night vision but many of the changes in technology in the procedure have diminished some of the earlier after effects of lasik surgery. Some of the post operation procedures will be that you have to put antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops in the eyes. You also can't rub your eyes at all.

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