Lasers are in high demand today owing to their


The issue of laser eye safety is very serious and this is the reason that governments and health organizations are taking necessary steps to making sure the correct laser safety precautions are put in place. The use and ownership of lasers is becoming increasingly regulated to reduce the dangers of lasers.

Best Solution for Protection of the eye from lasers - Laser Eyewear

The best solution to protect the eye against the dangers of high powered lasers is laser eyewear, or laser safety glasses. These goggles work by using a polymer containing dyes that block light over a specific range of colors or wavelengths or mineral filter glass. For example some safety glasses will block light with a wavelength of 500nm to 540nm which provides protection from green lasers.

It is mandatory to use laser safety eyewear whenever you are using class III(3) or class IV(4) lasers such as those used for eye surgery, cancer treatment, and ulcer removal, or in cosmetic applications where they are used to remove hair, tattoos, and many types of skin discoloration.

Some Guidance on The Kind Of Laser Safety Glasses That You Must Choose

There are many different styles and frame to choose from that basically are either modern and stylish are slightly larger ones that allow the user to wear prescription glasses underneath. In terms of the filter you can either opt for the polycarbonate shields, or the glass shields. The frames basically come with same pricing. But the polycarbonate shields are lower priced than the glass ones. Glass lenses used in laser safety eyewear have the advantage of higher visibility and polycarbonate lenses have the advantages of lower cost and are lighter in weight. When choosing the most appropriate laser safety eyewear you need to know the wavelength of your laser in nm (nanometers) as well as the class of the laser is Class IV(4) or its power which is normally in Watts or milliWatts.

There are several online stores that assist their customers with protective eyewear for lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) such as IPL goggles, laser safety eyewear, etc. Their experts can guide on the kind of products that are most suitable for their particular laser eye protection requirements. You can go to these stores after a detailed research if you want to keep your eyes protected from harmful laser radiation. Losing your eyesight because of carelessness happens many a times and can easily be prevented. Please remember that you can never be too safe when working around lasers.

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