Japanese camera optical glass factory cuts production, fear of affecting Canon's production capacity

by:Crylight     2021-04-30

   Hoya, a Japanese camera optical glass manufacturer, announced earlier this week that it had suspended the production of some optical glass due to power supply problems. Another major manufacturer, Ohara Inc, said Thursday that the supply for the ceremony was unstable after the 311 earthquake in Japan. At present, it has been unable to start all production capacity, which may affect the shipment problems of customers. It is feared that the production capacity of high-end cameras of camera manufacturers such as Canon will be hit.  Ohara is the largest single lens reflex camera (SLR camera) optical glass manufacturer in Japan, and is the parts supplier of Canon, the world’s largest digital camera manufacturer. Ohara spokesperson Kyohei Yonekura said on Thursday that Ohara’s plant in Sagamihara City (Kanagawa Prefecture in western Japan) was affected by a power outage, and the company has adjusted its production capacity in accordance with Tokyo Electric Power’s requirements to save electricity. Time can return to normal operation, there is no timetable yet.

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