It was a warm evening and today had been a easy


Oh my god...she is beautiful! She looks exactly my age, seventeen, I might have a chance with her. Man I do hope she comes over here.

I usually don't reward many females with such a forsaken word as 'beautiful', but this woman was showered with divine beauty. I couldn't help but to look away, and not because I thought she was ugly, but because I didn't want to look to like an old geezer gawking at a young lady. I had never seen a woman sculptured in such a magnificent way, her brilliant blue eyes browsing the produce on display. She played with her hair as she walked along the grapes, staring casually at them as she continued walking...towards me.

Is she coming towards me? I don't even think she noticed me, she hasn't looked at me once. Oh man I think she's coming over here!

I acted like I didn't see her as she strolled towards the apple section, walking around me as she looked at the apples. Her hair was composed of a crimson and blonde color, both blended together to form a autumn mixture. Her olive toned skin glossed slightly from the lights hovering above her, a touch of oil able to be seen. I felt like I was going to die, she was standing next to me now, her face so perfectly crafted with a thin body to match.

She has been browsing over these apples for nearly a minute now, I think I should say something.

I looked up at her and she looked up at me and we both said, 'Hi,' and continued back to staring at the apples.

My stomach nearly rolled over, I felt like I was going to die standing next to such a goddess as herself. My hands beginning to jitter as I fumbled with the rotund Granny Smith apples, my mind blanking out as I thought of nothing except how much of a fool I must be looking like to her. My forehead began to bead with sweat, I glanced to the side at her tiny button nose slightly hidden by her high cheek bones, my heart fluttering with butterflies. She must be getting a kick out of this.

I blindly placed new apples on the display table as I tried my best to remain cool for what dignity I had left. Three apples bounced on the floor as I cringed deep down inside, giving chase to the escaping apples.

Once I had finally captured the rolling apples, I wiped the sweat from my forehead with an accomplished feeling and looked up, she was hugging her boyfriend. Rejection had never felt so sweet.

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