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You need to know that if you are having a hard time in focusing to small objects of small letters in the newspaper that you are reading then you might be experiencing problems in your vision and the most common is called the presbyopia. This basically is common to people that are old and it is a natural thing if you are aging. This is a main reason that you need to have a new glasses or change the spectacle lenses (more about lenses) that you have. Typically a person can experience this if you are already forty years and older. This can be the basic reason why you need to have a good pair of glasses.

Are you having a hard time in getting food to spill while arranging it on your plate? If you are usually working in front of the computer the whole day this is also a reason why you need to have a new pair of glasses. If you are working that involves small details like drawing for sure you need have a new pair of glasses. And if you are above forty years of age and still are working that deals small details you need to get a good glasses that can prevent you from feeling constant headache and strain in the front of the face.

If you are reading a book since you are in high school and now that you are above forty years old and you still enjoy a good book before sleeping you need to have a new pair of glasses. If you notice that you are already reading your book 10 to 15 inches from your face this can be an indication that you need to have a new eyeglasses or change your current spectacle lenses (brilleglas). The normal distance you need to put your book in front of you is 18 to 20 inches so that you can still turn the pages properly. Do you usually feel that you are tired or you feel constant headache at the eye portion of the face then you need to use glasses so that you can prevent further big problems related to you vision. There are many things you can do to prevent further problem with your vision it is very important to know that supplements and vitamins that are good for the eyes is a good way to lessen problem in the eyes.

If you feel further problems of if you are experiencing many other pains or your having constant headache and it is not relieve with pain killers or if you use your glasses and you still feel sharp pains in the eye or within your head area you need to consult your problem to the doctor so that he can change your spectacle lens (brilleglas) or he can give you further exams to know what is the problem.

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