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I will list certain interesting snippets about these quartz crystals. During the ancient days, the scholars would spend time experimenting with the effects of sunlight, when it fell on the surface of a crystal. Unlike the present days, the people of those times did not realize the importance of maintaining good eyesight. It took them sometime to realize that crystals can be used to correct various eyesight problems. The first prisms were made from pieces of crystals; even the renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton had used these crystals to prove that sunlight is composite! I can keep on citing countless references - the underlying meaning is the same.

We now have access to timepieces that run on batteries. Have you ever seen the quartz tag that is present in most of these products, especially the ones that run on batteries? Watches utilize a scientific property of quartz crystal - placing minute crystals of quartz in an electric field will allow them to vibrate indefinitely. Harnessing this vibration in an appropriate manner will enable the watch to function. Similarly, when two pieces of quartz crystal are rubbed against each other, it will result in the generation of a spark. Automobile companies study such phenomenon, so that they can include them instead of spark plugs.

Quartz crystals had gained the attention of the ancient men for a unique property. They realized that, when the crystal was cut (in any manner), it always induced an angle of 60 with the neighboring faces. Scientists of this era could find the exact reasoning behind this oddity. Although quartz crystal occurs in the natural form, these scientists are now generating augmented versions of the original quartz crystals in private labs. The ease of generation of these crystals, by simulating the earthly conditions led to augmented usage - both in the industrial and household niche.

Quartz crystal is present within the body in a modified form and we know this as silicate. Silicate is a major constituent of the cellular walls. Hence, we can find them in every inch of the body. Consuming silicate in the form of supplements or through natural means (by eating leafy vegetables and fruits) will lead to the strengthening of the cellular walls. In simpler terms, one will be able to shun the effects of aging. Silicate is hence, widely used in plenty of anti-aging products. Adorning oneself with the right kind of crystal stones can help them to succeed in life and attain peace of mind.

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