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If your child is struggling with reading immediately get an appointment with the doctor to check the vision. According to studies it has been found that 20% of the kindergarten students have impaired vision and the problem reaches to 30 to 40% by the time the children reach high school. This is stagnates the progress of a child because the majority of learning takes place visually. It is the parents who should take care of the child schools performance because through this course they will also come to know whether the child is having any reading problem due to poor vision. A child is too young to understand this thing, and require their parent's guidance in this issue.

A new born baby should be able to recognize the mother and father should be able to smile at them within 6-8 weeks. If the child has impaired vision in both the eyes then he or she may not recognize the mother or respond to a smile. When the child starts walking he or she may bump into things. There can be many reasons for poor vision in a child out of which some can be treated easily while others may be difficult to recover. So it is vital to contact an ophthalmologist at the earliest when you suspect poor vision in your child. Timely treatment is very important in protecting the sight and sometimes the life of the child.

The combination of environmental modifications can improve low vision. Environmental modifications refer to making children read or study near the window to give them better light while reading, allowing them to use felt-tipped pens makes the children's own writing easier to read and asking them to wear hats and caps to avoid glare, especially when outdoors help. The low vision devices available for children can be grouped into three main categories: optical, non-optical, and electronic. Newborns should be treated by a pediatrician or a family physician in the hospital nursery for an eye check up.

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